You’re Invited: Graduate’s First Office Party

In case you didn’t know, small talk now means others semi-jokingly frowning upon your newly acquired Liberal Arts degree. Laughable choices range from least useless: Communications (whatever that means), to most useless: tough choice here, but I’m gonna go with Philosophy. “What can you do with a Liberal Arts degree? Har har har!” I have a whole rant about how critical and creative thinking is what you can do, but something along the lines of  ”respect my life choices, goshdarnit” about summarizes it. Sorry for using the “g” word.

But yeah, “go time” is pretty much upon us, and the fact is not all of us are destined for fame, fortune and/or the literal hugging of trees for money. But I firmly believe that all childhood dreams can be translated into real-world occupations, even if they take place *gasp* in a cubicle. For example, amateur dance enthusiasts can keep their passion alive by working towards the goal of marketing director at a performing arts theater. Done. The food, media and products we love all have cubicles somewhere, and I imagine those cubicles might contain fun. Someday one of them might contain you, and it would be silly to consider that a failure.

That’s why, as one of your first act as an adult, you should throw an “office party” to remember that although some sense of wonder may be lost in days gone by, some of it remains. There’s an office out there for you with a full-on career inside, and it’s pretty cool, a perfect marriage between the real and ideal. Right now, you’ve got the realest and idealest colleagues in town, so put together a spread that shows it!

**The Details**

What: A party to celebrate the goals that lie ahead in the real world. You’re the head of the party planning committee at the funnest office this side of Scranton, PA (in previous seasons, anyway).

For: A group of recent (or not as recent) grads from your college or hometown about to hit the working world. Not-yet-grads welcome too, of course.

When: Wait til the wave of actual graduations has fully ended, and make sure to plan ahead since juggling summer schedules can be tricky.

What to Eat: A catered-style lunch/dinner that does not suck nearly as much as most cafeteria fare. Gotta have that gigantic sandwich cut into a million tiny slices, but you can obviously do better than turkey with lettuce and tomato. Serve baked pasta in a huge casserole dish to mimic those huge metal catering trays. Platter up tons of cookies and brownies and some picnic-style salads and sides that would be perfect for “the company picnic.”

What to Drink: Beer and wine. No hard stuff at the office, silly! Some champagne-infused punch or lemonade would do nicely as well.

How to Set the Scene: The sometimes cheesy but always fun post-it note on forehead game of “Who Am I?” is a good way to get people thinking about different life paths through celebs who have or have not done a good job at it. No special decor necessary.

Attire: Business casual, a term that should still make you giggle just a little bit at its official-ness.

Jen Cantin is a 2011 graduate with a degree in English and Journalism from Clark University in Worcester, Mass., a food and fun blog called Deep Fried Epiphany and that’s about it. She dedicates this post to finding your niche and workin’ it out til then. At her current position, she must wear an American flag scarf and no large jewelry.

Originally posted on Friday, May 25th, 2012

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