Friday Recipe Round-Up: Bathing-Suit-Ready

It always sneaks up on us, like the annoying little brother that thought pants-ing you in public was funny. One minute you’re making New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym at 6:30 every morning, and the next we’re licking the Easter chocolate off of our fingers. Before we know it, it’s here. Yes, I’m talking about bathing suit season. You may not have had the time to get in shape this year, but here are some tips and tricks for looking like you did.

Alexia Detweiler is a graduate of Penn State University who could never understand why girls in college lay out in their bikinis in the quad when the ocean was states away.

**SKC Picks**

Don’t forgo summer cook-outs just because you want to look good poolside. Check out our guide to healthy summer cook-outs to make good food choices.

Let’s face it, that skimpy string bikini the girl in the ad is wearing will not look good on you. Instead, check out these tips for finding the best bathing suit for your body type. Find the suit that suits you!

It wouldn’t be vacation if you couldn’t drink summer cocktails by the pool. Avoid high calorie beverages by sticking to these healthy recipes for poolside treats.

Who needs water to wear a bathing suit? If you’re nowhere near the ocean and don’t have a membership to a pool, start your own picnic club. Enjoy the sun, the food and drinks in glass bottles.

I admit it. I like piña coladas…and getting caught in the rain. But I don’t like the copious amounts of sugar and calories I take in when drinking one. Try this recipe for a lighter and fizzier piña colada cooler.

Originally posted on Friday, June 15th, 2012

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