This Week at College: Post-Grad

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–Bethany Imondi, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


Earning a college diploma is one of life’s biggest milestones, but receiving a degree does not make you suddenly all-knowing. For recent post-grads, here are 10 pieces of advice for surviving life beyond the college campus.

With graduation also comes the packing of boxes and setting up arrangements for where to live next. Since most post-grads are not making the big-bucks quite yet, finding affordable housing is one of the first steps to take after graduation.

Moving in with your significant other might seem like a financially sound idea since the rent will be split two-ways, but is your relationship ready to take it to this level? Weigh these four reasons before taking the cohabitation leap.

Before you secure housing, finding a job is of obvious importance. Whether you are already employed (congratulations!) or are still searching (keep trying!), keep these workplace etiquette tips in mind.

Although we might feel invincible in college, the real world is not care- or stress-free. Whether it comes from a guy, a potential employer or a university admissions officer, rejection is a way of life. For those times of disappointment, keep your head up and stay positive for an even better opportunity.


Originally posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012

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