You’re Invited: Summer Luau Party

The only thing I really want to do when it’s hot and humid outside is jump into the cool, refreshing ocean and swim until my fingers look like my great-grandmother’s. We are officially in the midst of summer so the hot and humid weather is not going away anytime soon. With extra time on our hands and plenty of available friends, what could be better than throwing a summer party? Except maybe throwing a summer party by a pool, beach, or lake. AND, why not add to all that craziness and make it a themed party – the ultimate summer theme – HAWAIIAN LUAU!

**The Details**

What: Summer Luau Party

For: Ten to twenty friends

When: Anytime the summer sun is shining and the heat is on!

What to Eat: Try to serve up some traditional Hawaiian recipes like Laulau, Lomi Lomi, Maui Ahi Poke, Haupia, Liliko’i (passion fruit), and of course pineapples and coconuts! You can also add some traditional pool/beach/lake barbecue foods like grilled meats and veggies, and a tropical fruit platter.

What to Drink: Make some fruity and tropical cocktails like Mai Tai, Hukilau, Daiquiris, and margaritas! You can also serve anything with Malibu or Bailey’s in it. As for nonalcoholic drinks, any type of punch or tropical juice works great. Be sure to put a little umbrella and a slice of fruit on the side of the cup for that island feeling.

How to Set the Scene: If you’re sending invites, send them wrapped in a small palm leaf or in a coconut! Hang colorful paper lanterns from the walls and ceilings. Set the table with colorful tablecloths and lots of large flowers (hibiscus are best). If you’re doing this indoors, bring some sand into the room (in the centers of the tables) with some shells for a more authentic feel. Play luau music, Hawaiian songs, or beach sounds to really set the scene.

Attire: Throwing a party near water sets the scene for Hawaiian attire. Your friends should be in bathing suits, Hawaiian shirts, or pareo/sarong (for girls). When your guests arrive, throw a lei around their neck and a flower in their hair. If they’re up for it, you can probably even convince some of your guests to where Hawaiian skirts and coconut bras (both men and women can sport this outfit!)

Candice Allouch is a senior at American University having just returned from a year abroad in Italy and Scotland. She loves to experiment with tastes in the kitchen and is excited to bring the new foody secrets she learned from Europe to her friends and family in the States.

Originally posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2012

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