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Nutrition and Health: Healthy Pancakes

buttermilk oatcakes

Pancakes are too often doused in maple syrup and powdered sugar, and coated with butter.  They are an unarguably tasty brunch food, but usually not the healthiest choice.  I mean, they are called pancakes. Having said that, I was recently introduced to a new and improved healthy pancake recipe.  Buttermilk oatcakes with fruitcompote are high-fiber, butter-free and just as tasty as a syrup-soaked flapjack.  They’re quite simple to make and especially yummy when topped with fresh, seasonal fruit.


Buttermilk Oatcakes with Fruit Compote
Serves 4
Adapted from EatingWell

2 cups buttermilk
1 large egg
1 …


Money Mindful Meals: Saffron and Pistachio Ice Cream


This past week has been one heck of a week. Part of the week I was swamped with adult-stuff and the remaining part, I spent remembering what it was like to be in college again. My conclusion: college is awesome.When else do all the good parts of childhood and adulthood meet in one place?

…I can name one other “place”: Saffron and Pistachio Ice Cream. It combines the soft creaminess of  ice cream (which I used to stir into a melted, soupy cream when I was little) with sophisticated saffron and pistachios–a delicious intersection of childhood and adulthood….


Healthy Homemade: Curried Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash

When I told my sister we were having hash for breakfast her response was, “Isn’t that illegal?” So I just want to clear the air and say that the hash I am referring to is a dish of cooked meat that is recooked, usually with potatoes. This particular hash doesn’t have meat – so maybe it’s not a hash at all – but it sounds better than “Pile of Shredded Veggies with Curry.” It may not be the prettiest dish, but it’s a delicious and filling breakfast or post-workout meal. It’s packed with vitamin A, C and good carbohydrates. (Bonus: …


Money Mindful Meals: Easy French Baguette


I recently moved into a fantastic new apartment. It’s a brownstone on a tree-lined Chicago side street with large bay windows and gorgeous mahogany wood. And the cherry on top–it has a big kitchen!

While I love my new place, I had to make some sacrifices when moving. Among sleep, money, and my sanity, I also lost all of the contents of my fridge.

Thanks to wonderful friends and family the fridge at my new place was quickly populated with delicious cupcakes and chocolate.

These treats made up one meal a day, but for the remaining two I had to …


The Supper Club: Asian Meatballs with Slaw

Asian Meatballs

If you just threw a huge Fourth of July bash, you’re probably all BBQ’d-out like I am. You might also have some leftover ingredients from those pork burgers and coleslaw you made for your family and friends. There’s no need to throw out your leftover ground pork or cabbage if you have a bit of Asian seasoning in your pantry. Instead, invite some hungry guests over to try these Asian meatballs and slaw!

I actually made this recipe for my family back in June when the gloomy weather prevented us from celebrating the start of summer with some old-fashioned …