A Flour Frenzy: Short Ribs

The grill I’ve always dreamed of having.

A Flour Frenzy follows my mistakes, flubs, culinary whoopsies, and flour-covered disasters that I deal with in the kitchen. These often come as a result of my Veruca Saltness “Daddy, I want it now!”  as I sit in front of the oven, impatiently waiting for something to cook, or speed reading a recipe. 

A week ago, I housesat/dogsat for a friend, which meant I would have an outside grill to my disposal for a whole week! I happen to be a HUGE grill fan and in my mind, I’m Bobby Flay, standing in front of a huge roasting grill outside. But without the red hair. Anyway, I went to the farmers’ market super-excited to pick up some grillin’ meat. Looking to spice things up and do something other than my plain old burgers, I was on a hunt for ribs–only to find that they were all out of regular ribs and only had short ribs. I thought, “Okay, I can still work with this!”

I called my Pops (fellow Grill Master) to see if he thought I could just put the short ribs on the grill for a shorter time, and still turn out a delish product. Basically after looking at online recipes (which all said I had to slow cook them or braise them), I was looking for an excuse to throw them on the grill, fire it up and do a short cook.


Turns out that 20 minutes-ish of cooking on each side will not deliver juicy and tender short ribs, but rather caveman style ribs that you have to gnaw on to get any meat off the bone. Thankfully my friends are kind enough to paste smiles on their faces and understand that cooking is a trial and error process.

Lesson Learned: The second thing you should do after you read a recipe to make sure you have the ingredients is to check how long it takes to cook. Even if your hankerin’ for meat is bubbling up inside of you, it’s important to do the research ahead of time and pay attention to cooking time. If it takes a whole day, wait that one extra day so that you can serve your guest something delish!

Kelsey Krasnigor aka “Kelsey Flay” (in her mind at least) has since served kick-ass short ribs and learned her lesson.

Originally posted on Friday, July 27th, 2012

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