Dorm Room Bar: Champagne Cocktail

I don’t know how to make many cocktails. Actually, if rum and coke doesn’t count as a cocktail, then I know how to make one cocktail. I’m more of a beer and wine connoisseur – thanks to a college experience filled with gin buckets and drinks called “bong water,” liquor was not my beverage of choice. Then I learned about the champagne cocktail. She’s classy, sparkly and she comes in slender champagne flute. If I were a drink, I’d want to be the champagne cocktail.

Don’t be fooled, just because there’s no liquor in these cocktails doesn’t mean you won’t get a little bit tipsy. You can go from classy to trashy in just a few flutes. If champagne is too pretentious or expensive for you, try substituting prosecco, champagne’s cheap cousin.

For an awesome idea for a party, check out this guide to hosting a DIY Champagne Bar.

Alexia Detweiler is a graduate of Penn State where she had the opportunity to study abroad in Brussels. There she became a beer and chocolate snob.


Champagne Cocktail
Serves 1

4 ounces chilled champagne
1 sugar cube
3 drops of bitters
1 maraschino cherry

Drop sugar cube into a champagne flute. Add bitters to sugar cube and let soak for a few minutes. Pour champagne over sugar cube and drop in the maraschino cherry.

Put on some red lipstick and enjoy this classy beverage!

Originally posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012

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