Eat Under $10: Chipacado Cookies

Dish: Oatmeal Chipacado Cookies aka vegan oatmeal avocado chocolate chip cookies
Serves: A crowd. This recipe makes 2 dozen cookies, so it’s great for your friends or to devour by yourself. Over the course of a week. Maybe less. Definitely less.
Good For: They’re cookies. They are good for any situation.
Shopping List: 1/3 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk ($2.39), 3 tablespoons ground flax seed (36 cents), 1 cup mashed, firm avocado ($1.29), 1 cup dark brown sugar ($1.29), 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats (72 cents), 1 cup semisweet vegan chocolate chips ($2.50), 1/2 cup chopped raw walnuts ($1.35)
Pantry Items: sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, salt, unbleached all purpose flour
Total Cost: $9.90

I have been all about the avocado recently. It’s been too hot for cooked food all the time, so I’ve been subsisting on salads topped with dreamy creamy green goo, chopped nuts, sweet nectarines, and tangy dressing. Salads are great, don’t get me wrong, but cookies are better. Imagine my excitement when I came across a recipe for avocado cookies!

This recipe may be oil-free, but it’s still loaded with sugar and decadent amounts of chocolate. Be warned: you may find yourself eating an astonishing amount of the batter (that’s my favorite part about vegan baking). These cookies come out melty and rich, like banana bread that hasn’t been quite baked all the way. The chocolate chips and walnuts pack a strong punch that’s balanced by smooth avocado and chewy oatmeal. Try adding cinnamon, cocoa powder, or a chopped specialty chocolate bar to switch up this recipe!

Suzannah Schneider is a senior at Tulane University majoring in Environmental Studies and International Development. She enjoys beer and lusts after cereal.


Oatmeal Chipacado Cookies
Makes 2 dozen cookies
Recipe adapted from Vegan Latina!

1/3 cup vanilla almond milk
3 tablespoons ground flax seed
1 cup mashed, ripe avocado (about 1 large Haas avocado)
1 cup dark brown sugar, firmly packed
1/4 cup sugar
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup unbleached all purpose flour
2 cups old fashioned rolled oats or quick-cooking oats
1 cup semisweet vegan chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

Preheat oven to 350˚F and lightly grease cookie sheets.

In a small bowl, whisk together the almond milk and ground flax seed and set aside for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl using electric beaters or a strong forearm, beat together the mashed avocado and both sugars until creamy and as smooth as possible. Beat in the vanilla extract and flax/almond milk mixture, then sift in the baking soda, salt, and flour until combined.

Use a rubber spatula to fold in the oats, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans or walnuts and make a thick dough. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop the dough into balls on to the sheet about 2 inches apart, and gently flatten the dough balls with lightly moistened fingers. Bake for 16 minutes, or until the bottoms of the cookies are golden and browned on the bottom. Remove from oven and cool on cookie sheet for 2 minutes, then use a spatula to carefully transfer (cookies will be fragile) to cooling racks to completely cool. Store loosely covered.

Originally posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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