Impulse Buy of the Week: Burrata

Impulse Buy: Burrata
Store: Farmers’ Market
Cost: $6.50 for 4.75 oz. ($22 per lb)

Food jobs often lead to funny diets. For example, when I worked at a coffee shop, I drank too much coffee–which I quickly learned was a terrible idea. This summer, I’ve been working for a local cheese company that specializes in mozzarella and burrata. One of the perks of the job is a piece of cheese per shift. I love cheese, but sometimes just the thought of eating it after work is more than I can handle. I’ve gotten creative, though, and come up with a variety of ways to use it.

Sometimes my daily cheese is burrata, which can best be described as mozzarella on steroids. The name means “buttered” in Italian, so it’s no surprise that it’s as rich as butter. To make it, cheesemakers stretch out a piece of mozzarella curd, scoop creamy filling on top, and fold it together to form a little pouch. When you cut it open, the cream oozes out, making the most delicious of messes. If you like mozzarella, butter, or anything creamy, it’s hard to not love burrata.

**How to Get Through a Piece of Burrata**

1. Serve it straight up. Cut a piece and pop it right into your mouth. It’s that good.

2. Dress a salad. Put it on top of arugula and slice it open. The cheese is so creamy that it acts as a dressing.

3. Make it sweet. Serve it with seasonal fruit for dessert. It’s especially great with figs and peaches.

4. Update a classic. Make an updated caprese salad by substituting burrata for mozzarella. You might never go back.

5. Go French. Smear it on bread. Depending on your variety of burrata; this could be incredible on homemade garlic bread.

Hillary Pollak is a senior at New York University, where she studies sustainable food. She is currently trying to beat the heat by making homemade ice cream.

Originally posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012

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