Impulse Buy of the Week: Gourmet Fruit Spread

Impulse Buy: Nû Lait Limon Bleu All Natural Fruit Spread
Store: Milk & Honey, Philadelphia, Pa.
Aisle: At the checkout counter trying to get rid of it because it would expire in two weeks as I later discovered
Cost: $2 on sale; retail price unknown

On behalf of SKC, I’d like to acknowledge something about society: 75% of all culinary impulse buys are various flavors of butters and jams. To date, nine out of twelve of our writers’ documented impulse purchases have been spreadable foods including chestnut spread, white truffle butter and sweet potato butter. Considering this overwhelming sample size, I feel comfortable applying this pattern as a universal fact.

Jam is a want, not a need. The same is resoundingly true of speculoos cookie butter. But ohhh it tastes so good and darn it if the makers of this manipulative goodness don’t put tons of effort into swirly, seductive packing, too. And the money they spent hiring whatever lucky hipster landed that job, well, it shows in the price tag. At that point, we are victims of the impulse buy. And I don’t forgive myself easily for indulging because I am not a victim. I hope my future children can still respect me if they use their future internet button headset modules to access this post.

The verdict on this particular blueberry-lemon-peppermint jam? Eh. It’s okay. I’m not sure of its national availability, but I am very sure that “gourmet” markets everywhere carry a hefty selection of exotically flavored, overpriced jams, ahem, fruit spreads. Are they all “okay” to “good”? Yes. Are you gonna eat them every day on your morning toast? No. There’s a reason strawberry jam is a classic. But you knew that. Try not to be as hard on yourself as I am. Here are a few ways to ease your pain.

**How To Get Through a Jar of Gourmet Fruit Spread**

1. Buy some brie. One way I like to combat the impulse buy or gifted gourmet item is to spend more money on an accompaniment, an economic no-brainer! But at least this way you won’t waste either purchase. Jelly on a cracker won’t always be my top snack choice. Jelly and brie on a cracker? Winner.

2. Jam swirl. Since most of these “artisan” concoctions are small batch, you can probably use up 3/4 a jar in one batch of baked goods. Swirl in or on top of any cakequick bread or brownie batter. Smear it between any layer cake, sandwich cookie or macaron, too. Present your friends with “blueberry lemon peppermint swirl muffins” and knock their socks off at the speed of light.

3. Meat glaze. Brush some  jam on any meat during the last 10 minutes of cooking (especially grilling!) for a sweet, sticky coating that took no effort to prepare. Mix jam with some water and reduce to desired texture in a saucepan for a pourable variety.

4. Un-vanilla vanilla. While crave-worthy on their own at times, vanilla yogurt, ice cream and puddings are no longer so vanilla with a spoonful of uniquely flavored jam.

Jen Cantin graduated from Clark University in 2011 with a degree in English and Journalism. She’s currently a Philly-based job seeker who says some stuff at Deep Fried Epiphany and dedicates this post to Peanut Butter & Co.’s White Chocolate Wonderful, the only gourmet spread that keeps her coming back for more.

Originally posted on Saturday, July 7th, 2012

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