Recipe Roundup: Raw Food

Ok now it’s hot. It’s even too hot for grilling. What to make for dinner when you don’t want sweat to be one of the main ingredients? How about raw food? It’s always fresh, healthy and surprisingly tasty when you know what you’re doing. Join the ranks of self-proclaimed raw foodists like Demi Moore, Jason Mraz and Madonna (even if it was only a phase).

Serious raw foodists “cook” with a dehydrator, but these recipes don’t call for one. Instead, you’ll enjoy the fresh and local produce at its fullest potential. Note: eating one raw meal will not result in a Demi-Moore-like body, but it will make you feel like you have one.

**SKC Picks**

This pudding recipe doesn’t have the raw label, but it can definitely be made raw. Just make sure to use raw cacao powder and raw honey and you’ve got yourself a no-cook chocolate pudding for dessert (or dinner)!

If you’re in the mood for lasagna but don’t want to keep the oven on for that long, try these raw vegetable lasagna stacks. Layers of pesto and macadamia ricotta sandwiched between thinly sliced veggies, this dish packs a lot of flavor into one bite.

Stuffed mushroom caps make a great appetizer. Make these raw stuffed mushrooms for your next picnic or cookout and you’ll be the only there without flat hair and a sweaty brow.

This pasta substitute is sweet and crunchy with an Asian flavor. Serve it for lunch or dinner when you’re in the mood for something fruity.

This isn’t your average calorie-laden Pad Thai. It’s raw, sauce-free and, quite frankly, it’s a salad. I can’t slide that one past you. Eating raw doesn’t mean eating all salads, but when you see a good one, you want to make it.

Alexia Detweiler is a freelance writer based in Lancaster, Pa. where she enjoys fresh local produce from the 8th Best Fresh Market in the world according to

Originally posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012

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  1. Jen Cantin

    July 23rd, 2012

    That’s interesting, I didn’t know dehydrating was common among raw folks. A dehydrator is one thing I would buy if my cup ranneth over with foodie funds. Dried fruits galore!

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