This Week at College: Summer Lovin’

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–Bethany Imondi, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


Are you the type of person who longs for that cliché summer romance, only to be disappointed and single by the season’s end? Though your other single friends might try to tell you otherwise, being solo isn’t always as glamorous as the ladies of Sex and the City made it out to be. Here are five likely lies your single friends are saying to convince themselves–and you–from finding a partner.

It’s likely all of us will do a lot of dating before we find “the one.” Before that moment, you might want to know the five types of girls your future other half might date along the way.

After a break up, a girl’s favorite accessories might include boxes of tissues and cartons of ice cream. But as girls spend time mourning the end of a relationship, do guys do the same? A real dude provides insight as to whether guys really get over break ups faster or not.

So you finally landed a date with the person you’ve been eying at the coffee shop, your internship or at your camp counselor job. Now what? With inspiration from one of our favorite 90s characters, Cher from the film Clueless, here is how to get ready for a date sans pre-date jitters.

Black? Chai with skim? Cappuccino with extra foam? Think your coffee order only speaks to your palate? Think again. Learn about what your coffee order says about you to a potential date.

Originally posted on Friday, July 20th, 2012

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