You’re Invited: Pinterest Party

What do Mod Podge, chocolate chips, pudding, pretzels, chalkboard paint, scrapbook paper, and Sterilite drawers have in common? Well, pretty much nothing other than that they are all items that can be found on the Pinterest home page. Like any savvy blog-reading college student, you’ve probably given Pinterest a whirl, I’m sure, and if not – well why not? If you have clicked through the wonders that Pinterest has to offer, you may understand the stressful moment many Pinners reach, when they realize they’ve pinned so many DIY projects, recipes, and more that they haven’t even done. This is such a common phenomenon, that these images from Someecards have circulated among Internet users lately. So, how, as Pinners, can we avoid this problem? By banding together with a good old-fashioned part-ay of course!

**The Details**

What: Pinterest Party: an opportunity for friends to get together and finally do some of those projects you’ve pinned.

For: 10 or so friends. Scan your Pinterest homepage and see who has been racking up ideas.

What to Eat and Drink: Try and get word out to your guests about who will be bringing and doing what. Maybe half of your guests want to bring supplies for everyone to craft something special, and maybe others want to bring dishes and recipes to share. Play off your crowd. At my Pinterest party, most people brought a dish or drink to share, and about half brought crafting project supplies.

How to Set the Scene: Discuss with your guests about who is bringing what and how many people want to try their hands at certain crafts. Do your best to provide anything that may be needed: scissors, glue, craft paper, simple snacks, or maybe lots of wine for when those projects don’t quite go as planned!

Attire: Casual. Plan on having this party on a week night after summer classes or internships. A weekend afternoon works well too, so as to allow for time to hang out and chat about new recipes or DIY projects!

Shannon Kelley is a recent graduate of Truman State University and a soon-to-be high school English teacher. She has spent more time crafting this summer than she should probably admit.

Originally posted on Friday, July 6th, 2012

2 Responses to “You’re Invited: Pinterest Party”

  1. Jen Cantin

    July 11th, 2012

    I JUST noticed the chalkboard paint in this picture haha. Excellent choice! Have you used it yet?

  2. Shannon

    July 11th, 2012

    Yes! I used it on white canvas, and it went on like a dream!

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