End of Summer Foodie Bucket List

Summer is a big flirt.

It leads you on with its perfect evenings spent watching sunsets, cool nights spent listening to fireworks wrapped in a blanket and afternoons spent splashing in the cooling temperatures of the ocean.

It promises clam bakes, picnics and ice cream for breakfast.

It burns your skin, lightens your hair and lifts your mood.

It keeps you wondering what will tomorrow bring, and asks if the next day could possibly be any better than the present.

It has you wishing that you could freeze time and bottle those hours of sunshine and late nights under the stars.

Then, almost as quickly as it begins, it comes to end. Like a heartache that comes without warning, summer ends all too suddenly. In the blink of an eye, the leaves are vivid hues of red and orange and the smell of cinnamon permeates the crisp atmosphere.

Apples replace peaches, and pumpkins replace watermelons. Time is spent raking leaves instead of jumping in the waves.

Summer becomes just a memory.

Rather than mourn the end of a great seasonable relationship, embrace its last days as if summer wasn’t coming back next year. Remember summer with all senses, but savor most the tastes of the season and allow each bite to become an everlasting memory.

**End of Summer Foodie Bucket List**

  • Find an ice cream shop with unlimited toppings and make a sundae with all of them.
  • Debate with someone about the definitions of “sprinkles” and “jimmies.”
  • Use the grill to whip up dessert: grilled banana split, anyone?
  • Build a bonfire just for the sake of roasting marshmallows and piling them on Nutella slathered graham crackers.
  • Turn any dish instantly into a “Californian” dish by adding avocado.
  • Plan a progressive dinner with friends. Eat at a different restaurant for each course: appetizers, entrée, dessert and/or drinks.
  • Browse a farmers’ market and fill your belly with all the free samples.
  • Go to a berry farm and eat as many berries off the vine as you put in your basket.
  • Cook a complete meal without turning on the stove or the oven.
  • Make fresh salsa with the juicy in-season tomatoes.

Bethany Imondi, a senior studying Government and English at Georgetown University, is spending her last few days of summer trying to forget the fact that she has only one more undergraduate year of school left. Read more…

Originally posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

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