Recipe Round Up: Baby Food


No, we are not rounding up the best puréed food fit for a Gerber baby. Inspired by the variety of produce at the farmers’ markets this summer, we wanted to feature the itty bitty versions of those veggies (and meats). Farm shows are always awarding the biggest and the ugliest, but rarely do they award the smallest and cutest. Baby foods need to be embraced for what they are: fresh, delicate and adorable. Besides, who wants to eat a big, fat hamburger in a bathing suit?

Alexia Detweiler was always one of the shortest girls in her class, which may be why she feels so strongly about baby produce appreciation.

**SKC Picks**

As if artichokes weren’t complicated enough to prepare already, try getting the meat out of a smaller version. If you can manage, trust us, it’ll be worth it. Its delicate flavor paired with potatoes, fresh herbs and lemon make this Mediterranean appetizer perfect for a summer picnic.

Think they only way to eat bok choy is stir fried and drenched in soy sauce? Think again. This versatile veggie doesn’t always show up in Asian dishes. Try this grilled baby bok choy as a side dish to grilled fish or chicken this summer.

There’s something about baby carrots that makes me uneasy. Where are their pointed tips and their green tops? Were these things really grown in the ground or were they cut from larger carrots? We recommend getting your baby carrots from the local farmers’ market and roast them with rosemary and honey brown butter.

The Ultimate Slider is more than just a small hamburger. There’s a science to griddling these mini patties on a bed of chopped onion allowing the sweet pungency to steam through and beef and buns.

This time of year you can find eggplants in all shapes and sizes at the market. While eggplant involtini is our go-to recipe for cooking up these purple beauties, the baby version doesn’t roll up as well. Instead, cut them in half like a mini sub roll and stuff with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and pine nuts for an adorable gourmet dish.

It wouldn’t be summer without a sweet, juicy tomato. We all know there are so many different varieties and sizes of tomatoes, it’s sometimes hard to decide. Remember, you can’t go wrong with heirlooms. So choose your favorite for this grilled zucchini and grape tomato salad.

Originally posted on Friday, August 10th, 2012

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