Table for One: Treat Yo Self

Treat. Yo. Self. I wish I came up with myself, but alas I can not take credit for this slogan from the show Parks and Recreation. Oh Aziz Ansari, I bet we would be besties in real life, we could buy matching cashmere sweaters and we could food nerd out together. (Fun fact: Aziz Ansari is a huge foodie who, through twitter, got GQ magazine to fund a food trip to Tokyo for him and some pals.)

Anyways, as college gals, we are often looking for a way to save money, be thrifty, and grab a quick slice rather than splurge on a fantastic meal out. It’s easy to find ourselves overcommitted, caught up in classes and work, and end up a little run down. Sometimes we are so on the go, eating slapped together pb&j’s (not there’s anything wrong with a lil peanut butter lovin), that we forget to stop and enjoy a an actual homemade treat.

One of the best life lessons my mom ever taught me was to take good care of myself. To take that extra “me” time and do something nice for myself. She also taught me the power of a place mat. I kid you not, setting the table and putting out some flowers can do a world of difference for a meal.

When’s the last time you sat down to an elegant dinner, with proper place mats, real dish ware (no, put down the red solo cup, you), lit candles, without the tv on? Think Eat, Pray, Love, when Julia Roberts has a picnic on the floor, all for herself and just enjoys life and good food.

It’s important to take care of yourself and treat yo self! Make your absolute favorite dishes, splurge on a bottle of wine, and take pleasure in the meal you’ve crafted all for yourself. Set the table, get dressed up or dressed down and enjoy the night.

Kelsey Krasnigor now has a place mat addiction, thanks to her mother and loves nothing more than a beautifully set table for a delish meal. This may or may not be why she is slowly becoming a hermit.

Originally posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

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