This Week at College: Olympic Fever

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–Bethany Imondi, Small Kitchen College Contributor.

If you are like most people, you have been glued to the TV at night and closely following the medal count for this year’s summer Olympics in London. Whether you are cheering on Michael Phelps in the pool or routing for Gabby Douglas on the balance beam, here is an easy guide for throwing a festive Olympic party.

Even if you have to cheer on Team USA from home, that does not mean you can’t duplicate the London look back in the States. Learn what you need to make a statement that even the Brits will approve.

Because of the time difference, American can’t view the events live.  To stay updated with all games-related information, download these top apps.

Though the Olympic athletes might all have ripped abs and a fiercely competitive spirit, sometimes we forget that they are just humans. Remind yourself of this as you see the humor and less-than-perfect poses in this hilarious slideshow of Olympians.

What is it like to be an American watching the Olympics live in London? Read one student’s experience as he describes how foreign fascination is a two-way street.

Originally posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012

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