You’re Invited: The Chip-n-Dip Party

Photo by J. Baumstein

There’s something about Mad Men‘s Peter Campbell that gives me the heebie jeebies. Yes, he’s incredibly dashing in those navy business suits, and yes, his control and influence in the meeting room is impressive. However, maybe he’s just a little too much of everything. His drive and motivation quickly turn to jealousy and anger, causing him to manipulate situations, undermine his fellow employees, and even lash out irrationally from season to season. And those giant blue eyes, although aesthetically pleasing are just a bit too big, a bit too clear, a bit too I-am-peering-into-your-soul-and-seeing-all-of-your-dirty-desires. Maybe I’m being too critical, but seeing as how Pete is a fictional character, I don’t think he’ll mind all that much.

However weirded out I am, I will admit that Peter had one of my favorite moments out of the entire series: the Campbell newlyweds receive two chip-n-dips as wedding presents and Peter has to return one of them. The saleswoman gives him a hard time about not having a receipt, causing Peter to have to repeat the phrase, “It’s a chip-n-dip. It was a gift. We got two,” over, and over, and over again. Although the lines themselves aren’t very humorous, the dead-pan delivery makes the whole situation extremely comical. It also got me thinking, “What kind of party would a person throw with two chip-n-dips?” Why, a Chip-n-Dip party, silly!

**The Details**

What: The Chip-n-Dip Party, or A Soirée Peter Campbell Would Throw

For: People who enjoy dipping food into other foods before ingesting (also known as everyone).

What to Eat: All types of dipping pairs. This does not limit you to things such as tortilla chips and salsa, or carrot chips and ranch dressing. No, no, my pets. Try super cool and unexpected combinations, such as cinnamon sugar pita chips and honey cream cheese, pretzel chips and hot mustard, sesame chips and whipped avocado, graham crackers and chocolate mousse, seaweed and shrimp dip, bacon and maple syrup… you get the idea. Basically, anything that you think tastes good in your mouth together will fit in at this shindig.

How to Set the Scene: Play swingin’ ’60s jams and pass out (candy) cigarettes to all of your beautiful people while they wait for the main courses. Arrange dips and dippables in decorative plates and bowls, taking extra time to make sure your prints and colors match. You wouldn’t want your guests to think you didn’t know how to set a proper table, now would you?

Attire: Everything blue. Mad Men‘s costume designers say that they have created a signature blue for Peter and Trudy’s wardrobe. Follow suit (pun totally intended).

Bonus Points: Saying, “It’s a chip-n-dip. It was a gift. We got two,” whenever possible.

Johanna Caruthers just graduated with an English degree from McDaniel College. She is terrified about post-grad life, but is looking into becoming a professional body glitter tester.

Originally posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2012

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