This Week at College: Lessons to be Learned

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–Alexia Detweiler, Small Kitchen College Contributor.

**SKC Picks**

If you’ve never seen the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you’re missing out on a lot of important life lessons. Like “the closer you live to the bar is directly correlated to the likelihood of getting someone to go home with you.” So, turn on the tube and start taking notes.

Our first teachers are, of course, our parents. And our first teachers in the kitchen are usually our mothers. Check out this list of tips your mother may have forgotten to teach you in the kitchen, and you might have a thing or two teach her when you’re back home.

Freshman year is a huge transition. For those of you experienced college students, there’s probably a list of things you wish your freshman self knew at the start of your college career. And for freshman, this list probably won’t mean anything to you until the year’s over, but here’s hoping.

Sure you’re learning stuff in class (right?). But the most important life lessons can be learned from some unexpected people–like your roommate. So spend a little more time in your dorm room and get to know the person sleeping across from you. You may be surprised how wise they are.

Sometimes the most important things to know are your core values. TalkNerdy2Me goes inside the Zappo’s store in Las Vegas and learns more about herself than she does about shoes and accessories.

Originally posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012

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