Small Kitchen College is a guide to cooking, eating, drinking, and living on and off campus, with recipes, tips, and tales generated by college students across the country. If it’s campus food, we’ve got it here.

We believe that people should cook, no matter how limited their resources, time, or perceived skill. Why? Because it’s fun, healthy, satisfying, creative, and budget-friendly. Cooking brings people together, even if it’s done in a dorm room.

Small Kitchen College is for students and recent graduates who may or may not yet have access to their own kitchens, but who aspire to one day soon. Our contributors write about what it’s like to be a college student who cooks and eats today, and provide recipes, advice, and news that quarter-lifers of limited resources want to consume. To read all about our college student writers, visit the Contributors page.

As for us, we’re the co-founders of Big Girls, Small Kitchen, Phoebe Lapine and Cara Eisenpress. We graduated from college in 2007 and started blogging back in 2008 to bring accessible, affordable recipes to our fellow twenty-somethings. Now, we’re in our “senior year” in the real world, and come May 24th, when our first cookbook, In The Small Kitchen, hits bookstores, we’ll have graduated into some sort of adulthood, with some sort of kitchen expertise. But we didn’t want to turn our backs on the rising generation of home cooks, the population for whom “cooking” might connote anything from zapping chocolate chips in a microwave to roasting a beautiful whole chicken. So we created Small Kitchen College, and handed over the creative reins to students across the country.

We’re incredibly excited about this new community, and hope that you will add your voice to our virtual pages. Check out how to Get Involved on Small Kitchen College, or Contact Us with subjects you’d like to see covered by our quirky little course catalog.

From our kitchen, still smaller than our freshman dorm room, to yours,

Cara and Phoebe, president and provost of Small Kitchen College