Alexia Detweiler

Alexia Detweiler

Alexia Detweiler is a freelance food writer based in Lancaster, Pa. She married her high school sweetheart in June 2011 and has been using him as a guinea pig for her cooking since. Her newest cooking phase is the Paleo diet (caveman's diet), but she still leaves room for the occasional chocolate chip cookie. When she's not in the kitchen, Lexi can be found sweating it out in Bikram yoga class or beating the crap out of a heavy bag at boxing, depending on her mood.


Most Worthwhile Class: Soc 119: Race Relations

Best Breakfast: Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes with Bananas from the former Wish You Were Here

Tastiest Travel Experience: Belgian frites with sauce Brasil

Culinary Pet Peeve: dull knives

Ideal Date Meal: sushi, you can’t get anything stuck in your teeth (so tried and true it was served at her wedding!)

You’re Invited: Backyard Movie Night


image from Cinema Retro

I have fond memories of going to the drive-in movies with my parents on summer nights. We’d drive twenty minutes to a field in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania (or so it felt). We’d be dressed in our pajamas, with pillows and blankets in tow.

We’d pop the trunk and fold down the back seats of our sedan (we thought it was so cool to sit in the trunk) and tune to the right radio station just in time for the corny commercials. The first movie was always family friendly, but I tried really hard to …


Recipe Round Up: Cooking with Julia

Meat Stew

In case you haven’t heard, Julia Child’s 100th birthday was this week. No other chef has been quoted, impersonated, and looked up to like Julia Child. She’s most famous for bringing French cuisine to American homes through her television show and her premier cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. While these recipes aren’t straight from her cookbook, they would definitely have her blessing. Bon appetit!

Alexia Detweiler is a freelance writer in Lancaster, Pa. When she’s not in the kitchen cooking, you can find her sweatin’ it up in hot yoga, or beating the crap out of a heavy


Eat Under $10: Corn Fritters

Corn fritter

Every summer my grandmother buys dozens of ears of corn from the local farms and spends an afternoon shucking and cutting the kernels off the cobs to freeze. Come winter, we pull out a bag of frozen corn from the freezer and have the sweetest, creamiest dish this side of Labor Day. She used to add sugar to the kernels before freezing, but after trial and error, found that the corn was sweet enough on its own. Just a few minutes in the microwave and a couple tablespoons of butter (a Southern cooking staple).

With the corn that doesn’t make it to the freezer, my grandmother makes the most delicious corn fritters. There are two types of corn fritters in the south: the ones like fried dough balls and the ones like pancakes.


Recipe Round Up: Baby Food

roasted grape tomatoes

No, we are not rounding up the best puréed food fit for a Gerber baby. Inspired by the variety of produce at the farmers’ markets this summer, we wanted to feature the itty bitty versions of those veggies (and meats). Farm shows are always awarding the biggest and the ugliest, but rarely do they award the smallest and cutest. Baby foods need to be embraced for what they are: fresh, delicate and adorable. Besides, who wants to eat a big, fat hamburger in a bathing suit?

Alexia Detweiler was always one of the shortest girls in her class, which may


A Guide to CSAs


My newest obsession is Community Sustained Agriculture, or CSA. A CSA is program in which the member pays for a share of the local harvest in spring or fall upfront so farmers can buy supplies in the winter to start growing in spring. In turn, members get their “repayment” of produce from the farm weekly or bi-weekly during the harvest season.

Traditionally, a CSA was created when a group of neighbors got together to buy a farm and hire a farmer. They then split the harvest among themselves. It was like having your own personal farm without having to …


Recipe Roundup: Presto Pesto


Herb growing is the gateway to vegetable gardening. It’s actually so easy to grow herbs that you can grow them in your dorm room–by the window of course. But what to do with all that cilantro, parsley and basil? You can only make so much salsa or caprese salad, and garnishing only takes a few sprigs. You’re left with an overgrown bush of several herbs, when it should be a neatly contained herb garden.

Enter pesto. Some may call it the gateway to gourmet cooking. The word is Italian for “to pound or crush.” Traditionally, the recipe calls for basil …


This Week at College: At the Movies

Photo courtesy Lindsay Perovich

Every week we give you the latest in college news, trends, and lifestyle tips. If you have anything juicy, make sure to post it here on the Small Kitchen College facebook page, and we’ll include it in next week’s edition.

-Alexia Detweiler, Small Kitchen College Contributor


We made a lot of bad choices in the 90s. I’m talking about hairstyles, outfits and first boyfriends or girlfriends. But the lessons we learned can be summarized in one movie–Clueless. Check out the life lessons we learned from Clueless in memory of the movie’s 17th anniversary.

Did you know it took …


Recipe Round-Up: Breakfast of Champions


In honor of the start of the Olympics this week, we’ve pulled together SKC’s favorite recipes from around the  world. Major news networks have projected the performance of the athletes in the Olympics, but we’ve projected what they’ll be eating the morning before that performance. What gives Michael Phelps the energy to pump through the water like a machine? And where does Jordan Wieber get her strength? Years of training, determination, discipline, and of course, a breakfast fit for an Olympic athlete.

Alexia Detweiler is a freelance writer in Lancaster, Pa. When she’s not in the kitchen cooking, you can


Dorm Room Bar: Champagne Cocktail

I don’t know how to make many cocktails. Actually, if rum and coke doesn’t count as a cocktail, then I know how to make one cocktail. I’m more of a beer and wine connoisseur – thanks to a college experience filled with gin buckets and drinks called “bong water,” liquor was not my beverage of choice. Then I learned about the champagne cocktail. She’s classy, sparkly and she comes in slender champagne flute. If I were a drink, I’d want to be the champagne cocktail.

Don’t be fooled, just because there’s no liquor in these cocktails doesn’t mean you …


Recipe Roundup: Raw Food


Ok now it’s hot. It’s even too hot for grilling. What to make for dinner when you don’t want sweat to be one of the main ingredients? How about raw food? It’s always fresh, healthy and surprisingly tasty when you know what you’re doing. Join the ranks of self-proclaimed raw foodists like Demi Moore, Jason Mraz and Madonna (even if it was only a phase).

Serious raw foodists “cook” with a dehydrator, but these recipes don’t call for one. Instead, you’ll enjoy the fresh and local produce at its fullest potential. Note: eating one raw meal will not result in …