Betsy Mead

Betsy Mead

Betsy L. Mead is a 2010 graduate of Harvard College, where she lived in the best house at Harvard (Eliot House, clearly) and studied History & Literature of France and Russia. At home and in New York City, she cooks on a regular basis, concocting specialized recipes for health-conscious friends and family, while enjoying a little indulgence on the side. During the day, she works at the World Policy Journal as an Editorial Assistant and at DLP Mobile as a Marketing Associate. To stave off the effects of her sugar habit, she likes to run and bike and hopes to participate in the 2011 New York marathon.

Best Party Theme: Sugar Revolution. Desserts on the table, Che Guevara T-shirts...Really, this is a ploy to get as much cake in a room as possible.

Favorite Healthful Food: Tomatoes.

Daytime Indulgence: Salt bagels and chocolate babka.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: A full roast beef complete with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, brussels sprouts and gravy and followed by a delicious chocolate orange cake.

Ideal Date Meal: Starter: Heirloom tomato salad. Main: Pasta with veal, rabbit, or boar ragout. Dessert: Chocolate soufflé. I’m easily satisfied.

Best Breakfast: Pumpkin waffles dusted with cinnamon, sprinkled with raisins and smothered with creamy praline spread.

The Eaters Among Us: Food Blogging 101


We all love food; eating it, looking at it; smelling it; you name it, we like it. Many of us record our experiences and reactions too, whether via a camera lens, or a well-maintained blog. But how can one turn one’s passion for food, in the kitchen and on the town, into a job?

I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious home-cooked meal, consisting of maple-soy glazed salmon, cucumber salad, green beans and….cheddar jalapeno bread by Sarah Spigelman, “Bites” contributor and author of Fritos and Foie Gras blog. As I savored this delicious example of “Jewish-Asian” fusion,


The Eaters Among Us: Wining and Dining, English Style


Amanda Liann is a 21 year old college student in her second year at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. I have known her, and her cooking for many years –she’s my younger sister!

I was always a test-subject for the magical creations that came out of the kitchen, and savored this role with relish until I left for college in the United States. She was really excited to share her wisdom about cooking, hosting and drinking and I was keen to introduce her to Big Girls Small Kitchen so that American students have a sense of what


The Eaters Among Us: A Singaporean Thanksgiving

Charlene Neo is a recent Harvard grad (’10) who moved to NYC after graduation to work at a hedge fund. She is originally from Singapore, and has enjoyed cooking since she can remember. Since she’s been in the city, she has enjoyed indulging her culinary passions and likes to throw dinner and brunch parties for lucky friends and family. At Thanksgiving, she put together a delicious feast for some of her Singaporean friends who were visiting at the time, and here she talks about the trials, tribulations and ultimate rewards in throwing such a great gathering.

Betsy L. Mead: …