Caroline Ariail

Caroline Ariail

Caroline Ariail is a senior at the University of Georgia where she studies journalism. She hopes to pursue a career in writing and dreams of working with a magazine. At the age of ten, she began watching Martha Stewart who inspired her to develop her love for baking by creating miniature desserts in her Easy-Bake Oven. In college, Caroline has become passionate about health and fitness as she is an avid runner who drinks wheatgrass every morning.

Most Worthwhile Class: Intro to Journalism

Best Party Theme: Kentucky Derby Party, complete with Hot Browns, Derby Pie, and Mint Juleps

Favorite Healthful Food: Sweet potatoes

Daytime Indulgence: Nutella

Best Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter and chia seeds

One Pot Stop: Potato Soup


The perfect winter meal: soup. Soup is easy to prepare, leftovers are often abundant and most importantly, soup is warm – particularly crucial for those of us with a tight budget and chilly (okay, frigid) apartment. While there are plenty of good reasons to prepare soup, it rarely receives the attention it deserves. Grilled meats, vegetable side dishes (particularly those prepared with cheese) and even salads are a couple notches above soup on the food popularity scale. However, do not let one bad can of soup ruin your appetite for the real, homemade thing!

When prepared right, …


The Best Hot Chocolate Mixes


Hot chocolate may be one of the best things about winter. While you can drink hot chocolate year round, a warm, steamy cup of hot chocolate is best served when watching your favorite holiday film by the fire. Of course, hot chocolate is also the perfect dorm room drink – particularly a necessary companion to finals studying! One of the best things about hot chocolate is that it is easy and convenient to prepare with the abundant array of mixes that are available – simply add water or milk and microwave.


College Town Tours: The Best of Athens, GA


Athens, Georgia is better known as the Classic City. However, the Classic City has a restaurant and food scene that is far from typical. Athens’ residents and visitors alike have a wide array of eclectic, one-of-a-kind eateries to please their palates. From Elvis doughnuts (topped with peanut butter, bacon, and bananas) at Ike and Jane’s, to an entrée from the award winning Five and Ten restaurant. There really is something for everyone in Athens – and no one will leave hungry!

**SKC Picks**

Best Bakery
Ike and Jane’s
1307 Prince Avenue, Athens // (706) 850-1580
Elvis doughnuts are not the …


How to: Have a Green Halloween


Everyone knows the best part of Halloween is the candy. And lots of candy that hopefully lasts the remainder of the semester. While trick-or-treating may be for the kiddos, plenty of college campuses also hold Halloween festivities including dressing up and going door-to-door for candy (even if it is in a dorm). There is one way to grow up a little in your trick-or-treating: consider going green with your candy collecting bag. While you may miss Jack the plastic pumpkin, a reusable tote makes for a much more practical candy bag. Another option is to use a paper grocery bag …


Nutrition Tip: Why Oatmeal Is Amazing

oatmeal_skc (1)

Getting out a bed any morning can be difficult, but when the weather is cooler and the mornings are darker, just starting your day can be the most challenging task you face.

One thing to make waking up slightly easier is a delicious, healthful breakfast. And the perfect breakfast to jumpstart your day: oatmeal.

While oatmeal may have the reputation of being bland healthy mush, tasty and satisfying oats are easy to create even in a dorm room. Pre-packaged oatmeal may seem too good to be true, and in actuality the packets of oats do contain added sugars …


You’re Invited: Homecoming Tailgate (in the Parking Lot)

skc_tailgate (2)

So you are not a football fan, but everyone you know is a die-hard fan? This is a party for you. If it’s homecoming weekend andyou feel slightly pressured to show some school spirit, hosting a tailgate is the answer. You can enjoy delicious food, plenty of drinks, and good company all while supporting (or pretending to support) the team. Whether your team manages to score a big win or not, a tailgate complete with the above essentials will prove to be a winning solution. And no tackling is necessary!


How To: Create a Dorm Room Coffee Shop


So you have finally found a place to study? The coffee shop on campus lets you get into your “element” while you complete massive reading assignments which are due tomorrow. Unfortunately, the coffee shop is crowded, no seat in sight, with fellow procrastinators &mdash classmates &mdash ready to conquer work with caffeine. The solution may be to become chummy with a stranger and crowd in on their table, but maybe it’s better still to have your own space. In other words, create a coffee shop in your dorm room.

Yes, a coffee shop in your dorm room is super …


In Season: Apples


As iconic as #2 yellow pencils, apples are often associated with school — remember how your elementary teachers always wore sweaters appliquéd with apples? Apples mesh with school for good reason as this beloved fruit begins its peak season right as school is in full swing. Apples are convenient to eat (perfect for snacking), rich in antioxidants, and, most importantly, delicious — so there is no excuse for not eating your physician-prescribed daily apple.


Meatless Mondays


Mondays have a bad reputation, and for good reason. In a nutshell, it is the longest day, often the busiest, and the entire week is ahead of you. On your calendar for this week: a dreaded chemistry test, impossible Spanish quiz and a ridiculously long comparative literature essay.

While I do know that Mondays will never be my favorite day, I have found hope in improving this drab and often depressing part of my week. What is the light at the end of the never-ending Monday-tunnel? Joining the Meatless Monday movement.

Yes, going meatless on Mondays is the answer …


Eating Clean: Green Smoothies


By the time you have entered college, you realize that the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is true. This same notion is relevant to Green Smoothies. Yes, the drink that resembles sludge or muck in a swamp and has been ridiculed with the appalling nickname “Green Monster” deserves a chance. A Green Smoothie may look intimidating, even to ol’ Popeye and bonafide spinach lovers, but after the initial gulp the appeal is evident. It’s a refreshingly fruity, surprisingly delicious drink.

The makeup of a green smoothie is simple. Nothing fancy is required. …