Chrysanthe Peteros

Chrysanthe Peteros

Chrysanthe Peteros is a senior at Smith College and just one semester away from completing a BA in Italian Language and Literature: a choice not fully understood (yet accepted) by her Greek-American family.  She shares an off-campus apartment with her best friend and spends her time outside of class buried in her thesis research. To unwind, she enjoys long walks, bad television, and good beer.

Favorite Healthful Food: Hummus, without question. Preferably accompanied by carrots, but I will eat it by the spoonful. It must be the Greek in me.

Most Viable Hangover: Cure Sleep, water, and saltines. Whatever you do: do not drink coffee. Seriously.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: While still getting used to the stove in my current apartment, I accidentally turned the wrong burner on and nearly burnt the bottom of a brand new pan. Oh yes, and I also did it again to a teapot which still bears a rather impressive scar.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Italy. All of it. I studied in Florence for a year and lived in a home-stay. Everything was good whether prepared by my host-mother or enjoyed while exploring the country. Highlights: pappa al pomodoro in Florence, pizza and swordfish in Sicily, meatballs in Verona, fresh sardines and octopus in Amalfi, and gelato pretty much anywhere.

Signature Cocktail Gin and Tonic. Because I’m classy.

What’s On Tap: UFO White

UFO White

The first time I tried UFO White was on a whim at a local Irish pub. Their outstanding selection of beers on tap are what make me a regular there and this uninformed decision did not disappoint. This is the kind of beer that doesn’t require much of its drinker other than a valid ID.

Harpoon Brewery is one that I generally trust as I had tried their other beers before, including the UFO Hefeweizen (also recommended), so when I decided to give this beer a try I was expecting something of the same caliber — and that’s exactly what I got.


SKC Abroad: Seafood in Greece, Eating Fit for Poseidon


There’s no doubt that Greece has much to offer in terms of traditional dishes: moussaka, spanakopita, youvetsi, dolmadakia…baklava. Then there’s the fresh produce, endless amount of olives, and, of course, the most delicious feta cheese in the world. Although Greece is surrounded by water and a fair amount of its land mass is comprised of islands, fish isn’t as bountiful in some areas as one might think. At least not the kind of fish that we’re used to (that is, salmon, tuna, swordfish).

If you’re going to travel to Greece and plan on eating seafood, you’re going to …


The One-Pot Stop: Fourth of July Friendly Potato Salad


The Fourth of July is, arguably more than any other holiday, a day of picnics and outdoor activity.  An integral component of any American picnic is, of course, potato salad and for this red, white, and blue themed holiday, peeled potatoes and mayonnaise take care of the lily-white stars and stripes.

This is not that potato salad, but it’s still white and you even get some red from the skins as a bonus! As one of those people that happens to despise mayonnaise (and most condiments, at that), this is the only version of potato salad that I


The One-Pot Stop: Smart Summer Shopping


Oh, summertime. There’s nothing quite like it. As students, the majority of us are either headed back home or moving into a sublet near our internship of choice. Regardless of where you fall, your shopping habits are bound to change with the season. Whether or not you’re working, there’s no homework and, therefore, free time is abundant compared to what you’re used to. That said, you’re probably also going out quite a bit. This can take a toll on your wallet, but fear not: there are plenty of ways to make sure that your grocery shopping won’t dip into your …


The One Pot Stop: Father’s Day, aka Superbowl in June


Father’s Day is an often neglected holiday and, being the Daddy’s girl that I am, you’ve got to feel a little apologetic after giving mom a lovely bouquet and breakfast in bed just a month beforehand.  The fact of the matter is: dad’s are just more difficult to shop for. So this year why not cook up something special for dear old dad.  A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all.  Not that I’m suggested your father won’t love you otherwise, I just think it might be nice to feed him something delicious.

When I think …


The One-Pot Stop: Blueberries, Beyond Muffins and Pie

lemon lime

Summer is the one season when it’s truly difficult to find anything to complain about. If you’re from a state where actual seasons exist, you know that the all-too-welcome summer months are here when it’s warm enough to leave your jacket at home, and the produce is sure to be fresh.

Every year, my mother and I go to the local blueberry farm to pick our own berries. We always end up with far too many to eat before they go so about half of them end up in our freezer.

As delicious as they are on their own, …


The One-Pot Stop: My Big, Fat, Greek String Beans


When the middle of the semester hits and everything is in full force, it’s not uncommon to crave meals that remind us of family and home, and all of that other comforting goodness. This is especially true when holidays are right around the corner.

While I’m lucky enough to live fairly close to home and can easily visit my family any given weekend, I know that this is not the case for many college students. I can’t imagine going an Easter without eating some lamb roasted on the spit (it’s seriously the best thing ever).

So what better way to …


The One-Pot Stop: An Elegant Over Easy Lunch


In college, regardless of major or interests, we’re all forced, at one point or another, to read books that we find boring. If you’re a humanities major, like myself, you might find that you have so much required reading that leisure reading becomes a chore. It’s not until spring break, usually, that it seems even somewhat practical to read anything other than assigned texts. So, once that glorious vacation time arrives, I like to begin my re-immersion into the concept of “reading for pleasure” with an old favorite: something familiar and unfailingly entertaining.

Well, eggs are kind of like a


The One Pot Stop: Roasted Vegetables, Every Student’s Best Friend


When you’re faced with multiple limitations–time, cooking experience, ingredients–cooking simply, quickly, and healthfully can seem a bit overwhelming. Well, have no fear: roasting to the rescue!

Roasting is quite possibly the simplest form of cooking (besides, perhaps, the microwave method) and is one of the best ways to make sure all of the fresh vegetables in your refrigerator get eaten before they go bad. The most basic roasted vegetable recipes only require a baking tray, chopped vegetables, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Not at all intimidating, totally affordable, and only requires the ability to use a knife and work an …


How To: Cook For a Crazy Week


There are three more weeks left before Thanksgiving break, you’re trying to catch up on reading that you neglected in order to study for mid terms, and still trying to finish that take home you were given a week ago. Class time is actually beginning to get in the way of completing your assignments and you’ve got meetings sprinkled throughout the week. Cooking for yourself is the last thing that you want to add to your to-do list.

Students living in the dorm don’t have to worry because the dining hall will feed them. Once you’ve moved off campus and …