Ian Rice

Ian Rice

Ian Rice is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he lives in a house right off of Langdon Street with ten of his closest friends. He is working hard to complete his major in history and figure out what he is going to do after college. When he is not at home catching up on his favorite TV shows, he can often be found at the gym playing basketball.

Signature Cocktail: Jameson and ginger ale.

Late-Night Indulgence: Sabras Latinas (three steak tacos with everything on them)

Tastiest Travel Experience: Marrakesh, Morocco. In the center of the city at Djemaa el Fna Square there are unbelievable food stands. It was the most delicious grilled eggplant and lamb chops I have ever had.

Favorite Item from the Library Vending Machine: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Best Breakfast: A homemade waffle topped with whipped cream and strawberries.

College Town Tours: The Best of Madison, WI


The capital building in downtown Madison

To many, Wisconsin is simply known for its cheese and beer. But the lively city of Madison truly has some delicious, unexpected places to eat. Since Madison is the capital of the great state of Wisconsin, the area that surrounds the capital building has many elegant and sophisticated restaurants, which serve fresh and local ingredients. Madison also has a great mix of American, Italian, Mediterranean and many other ethnic cuisines that keep both college students and residents of the city constantly full.

Most students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison tend to eat the majority …