Julie Sophonpanich

Julie Sophonpanich

Julie Sophonpanich is a senior at Brown University majoring in History of Art and Architecture. She has recently moved out of Buxton International House where she cooked weekly family meals with her house members. She now lives off-campus, dangerously close to Ben & Jerry's, with her housemate, Zoe, and is very excited about having her very own kitchen! Julie enjoys cooking, hosting dinner parties, strolling through grocery stores, and traveling to sample scrumptious foreign foods.


Favorite Healthful Food: Green apples dipped in almond butter and honey

Late-Night Indulgence: Warm peanut butter cookies and very cold milk (whole milk, of course!)

Culinary Pet Peeve: Not having enough light while cooking

Tastiest Travel Experience: Italian bruschetta with cherry tomatoes freshly picked from the garden on Fiesole's hillside with a view of Florence below

Signature Cocktail: amaretto sour with extra cherries on top

Spring Break: An Eater’s Guide


Everyone college student knows that when the words “spring break” are mentioned, papers, exams, and projects fly right out the window. These thoughts are often replaced by beautiful beach scenery, a long stretch of white sandy beach against the deep blue-green ocean accented by flowing palm trees. Get the picture?

Then, everyone’s next thought: “Ahh I need to diet / get in shape for my spring break bikini bod!”

Whether you’re off to Miami, Puerto Rico, or Belize, I am here to tell you that it is not necessary to go into starvation mode. And you obviously …


Table for Two: Cheese Fondue


When I think back to my most romantic dinner date, I must say that it was a cheese fondue dinner in Zurich, Switzerland. I was in Switzerland for a brief moment on my way to Italy while my boyfriend at the time was studying in Germany and took a weekend trip to Zurich. We met up for a romantic day strolling through the city and sampling Zurich’s delicious cuisine.

We spent nearly the entire 24 hours walking through small and windy streets, up and down cobble stone hills, and in and out of local museums. By the time the …


SKC Abroad: Belize


When I first found out from my mom that we’re taking a big family trip (all twelve of us) to Belize, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Belize is a country south of Mexico, in Central America, that’s best known for itsĀ seafood. The country’s eastern rim borders the coast and has the second largest barrier reef (the largest one is in Australia). When I saw our itinerary, I was most excited about our first destination: the beach.


Impulse Buy: White Truffle Butter

Antica Drogheria Manganelli

Two summers ago, I had an opportunity to study art and archaeology in Rome. As big and beautiful as Rome is, it wasn’t enough for me. I traveled all over Italy to try each city’s scrumptious cuisine. For one of the weekends, I journeyed to Sienna where they are known for their pappardelle sulla lepre (pappardelle pasta with hare).

While I was venturing through their curvy streets for the perfect restaurant that serves this famous dish, I found a local shop called Antica Drogheria Manganelli. The shop was adorned with wooden shelves filled with wine, olive oil, and other interesting ingredients. I just had to go in. Needless to say, I left with more than enough goodies.


DIY: Cake Pop Gifts

Pumpkin cake pop

Making your own gifts is not only greener for your wallet, and greener for the earth (without all that pesky packaging), but it also makes for a much more personal gesture. Edible gifts you make yourself usually taste more delicious (really!), and people truly appreciate the time you spent thinking about them while you made their confections.

Speaking of confections… have you ever heard of cake pops? Yup, we’re talking about bite-sized, reduced-guilt cake. As cute as they look, they are also a great gift to give to friends because nothing says a perfect gift like something you make …


The 5 Best Mixers to Have on Hand

Best Mixers to Have on Hand

Have you ever planned a party and then realized, “Oops, I don’t have any mixers”?

They’re quite easy to forget especially if you’ve been cooking or decorating your dorm room all evening. And then there’s always the option of “I’ll just get it later.” Mixers are not like alcohol in that you need to go out and get them early. You can get mixers anywhere, anytime from the local grocery store, the mini mart around the corner, or even your dining hall. That makes em easier to forget.

The best idea, we think, is actually to keep a few mixers


How to: Pick Your Way Through Healthful Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving Feast

I don’t know about you, but when there is a vast array of brightly colored, steamy, and glistening food right before my eyes, I just cannot help it but to go forth and try to stack everything on my plate, and then shove them all down into my belly.

Well, DON’T.

I’m here to tell you that there’s a healthy way to go about picking the right (and healthiest) Thanksgiving food. (If, on the other hand, you’re looking to get stuffed, check out Bethany’s post about stretching your stomach later today.)

My very first proper Thanksgiving meal was back in …


Weekend Agenda: Rhode Island Food Tour

Castle Hill Inn

Over a long weekend in October, my friends from Boston came to visit Rhode Island. And so I thought, what would be a better way to get to know this petite state than through food? I mean, people do say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Right?

We started the weekend off at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Providence, Al Fornos. We ordered several appetizers including pizza margarita, cod cakes, and calamari. And as for our main course, we had the dirty steak, rigatoni with veal bolognese, pasta with tomato sauce, and the …


Apple Pasta with Caramelized Onions and Leeks

Apple Pasta

Have you ever wondered what to do with the rest of the apples after you’ve gone apple picking, baked apple pies, and tried to consume as many apples as possible? Well, Zoe and I came up with a few fun ideas after our apple picking trip!

Last week we went to the Barden Family Orchard, a lovely orchard twenty minutes away from Brown’s campus. Somehow we decided that two bags filled to the brim with apples would be just enough for us to bake with, with a couple of apples left over for us to eat during the …


Weekend Agenda: An Amazing Apple-Picking Adventure

Julie and Zoe at Barden Family Orchard

It was the last week of September. Zoe and Julie had recently settled into their new apartment at school. Their first round of midterms was still a couple weeks away and the prospect of throwing an apple-inspired fall party swirled in their minds.

So one Saturday morning, they set out to Barden Family Orchard where they plucked apples off trees of all shapes and sizes. They lugged at least 60 apples into the trunk of their car, made a pit stop at Stop and Shop, and returned home to cook and bake an entire apple-inspired feast.

They made pasta with …