Sara Whipple

Sara Whipple

Sara Whipple is a senior at DePaul University where she is double majoring in Public Relations and Sociology. She lives in an off-campus apartment in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. When she is not in school, she is watching the Chicago Bears, hanging out with friends, or playing with her three-legged dog Stella. She hopes to someday work in Communications with an NFL team.

Signature Cocktail: Goose Island Matilda. I prefer a beer over a martini anyday and Goose Island Matilda is my favorite pale ale (and it has twice the alcohol volume than most beer!)

Late-Night Indulgence: Cheese fries from the Weiner Circle. Coupled with the entertainment of the late night hotdog shack, these real Wisconsin cheese fries are a superior.

Best Breakfast: Eggs Benedict

Daytime Indulgence: Bacon Wrapped Dates (especially the ones from Cafe Babareeba in Lincoln Park).

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Chicken Fingers with BBQ sauce

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