Stephanie Ma

Stephanie Ma

Stephanie Ma is a senior at UC Berkeley, where she studies Economics and Philosophy. She is originally from Hong Kong, where she consumes a constant and steady diet of dim sum and jasmine tea. Recently after years of eating chicken feet and soy-roasted duck, she has become a pescetarian but makes an occasional exception for barbecued pork. Stephanie recently finished a semester abroad in Denmark where she learned to make open-faced sandwiches. Aside from cooking, Stephanie enjoys eating Danish pastries and in her spare time she likes to pretend that she can speak Danish.

Culinary Pet Peeve: rice that has been cooked with too much water

Favorite Healthful Food: quinoa-based pizza

Daytime Indulgence: curry fish balls from the streets of Hong Kong

Late-Night Indulgence: freshly churned, full-fat homemade ice cream

Tastiest Travel Experience: slurping some homemade Estonian Borsch soup in Tallinn

5 Ingredient Easter Candy: Earl Grey Milk Jam


Photo Credit: Stephanie Ma

For some reason milk just screams ‘Easter!’ for me. Not quite sure why, but it always has. I’ve been wanting to try out this recipe for a while. I love Earl Grey, but you can just substitute your favorite tea. Everything from English Breakfast to a strong Rooibos (I would forgo the Kombucha though). In any case, you basically get a glorified condensed milk and you can adjust the sweetness to your liking. I call it a jam, but really it is like a syrup that you could use in your baked goods, on your …


Sweet Dreamin’: Cinnamon Apple Pull Apart Bread


Photo Credit: Stephanie Ma

I’ve recently been obsessed with pulling things apart. Understandable, given that I’m a graduating senior, working part-time, without any concrete post-grad plans and pretty darn hungry all the time. Times like these require you to go back to the basics – butter, sugar, flour, cinnamon…and more butter and sugar. Bake this bread my friends, then whilst in your angst, you can do something more productive than baking bread: you get to eat it! Enjoy these times while you still can.

Stephanie is a pescetarian, unemployed and is currently at the mercy of many law


SKC Abroad: Danish Dream Cake

Photo credit to Simon K.

I first had this cake in a wonderful bakery in Copenhagen. I stared at it for a while but didn’t buy it at first because I usually don’t like shredded coconut. But it turned out to be one of the best cakes I have ever had in my life! Recreated at home, it’s as good as that original bakery slice.


Table for Two: Dinner Date Disasters


I’m sure all of us have been on our fair share of dates where everything just seems to go wrong. The night becomes stressful and you end up wondering if this was just not meant to be. Well, I had the pleasure of going on one of those dates last week. My date (M) and I decided we would cook together, and while this wasn’t our first time cooking together, it certainly was the most disorganized and unplanned dinner date that we’ve ever had.

But it wasn’t all bad – it was by far the most memorable and fun we …


The Challenges of Being Pescetarian (or Vegetarian…or Vegan!)


As a new adoptee of a pescetarian diet, I wanted to share with you all the culinary challenges that I have had overcome this past year. Without making this into a somber post on the moral motivations behind being a pescetarian, I’m hoping just to talk about the techniques for sticking to my choice in the face of buckets of finger-lickin’ fried chicken. (If you’re going one step farther, here’s how to go vegetarian for a week.)

My decision to become a pescetarian was actually more of a logical one than anything. I don’t know how to cook and …


In Season: Mustard (To Go On Top Of Grill Marks)


Disclaimer: this article is all about mustard, so any ketchup and mayonnaise fans out there can either move aside now or be prepared to be converted. I didn’t realize this before, but you either love this yellow stuff or you don’t. Lucky for me, I fall into the first camp. I love this stuff, and I have three jars of this condiment in my spice cabinet (picture above).

** All About Mustard**

In Season: Mustard

When to Buy: Now! Buy a jar just in time to make the end of outdoor grilling season!

What to Buy: There are many different …


Healthy Homemade: Quizza!


Back when I was a serious slow-carb diet devotee, I constantly craved pizza. But as I think back to how often I ate this quinoa-based dish, I see that in truth it may not have satisfied my pizza craving but rather my craving for cheese. To make this a real substitute for delicious and greasy pizza, I would suggest being extra, extra generous when sprinkling cheese. Oh, and since this pizza doesn’t use a dough base, you won’t even have to worry about finishing those chewy crusts!


Quizza! (that’s quinoa-based pizza)
Serves 2

1 cup of quinoa, cooked …


One Pot Stop: (A Very Unspanish) Catalan Fish Stew


This stew is actually an easy Catalan Fish Stew… with a twist (hence its title). The first time I made this dish it was surprisingly successful (rare for most food-related things I touch). This stew is absolutely perfect for those chillier autumn nights, the warm comfort of vegetables and the chewy companion of lentils make for a perfect marriage. I highly suggest you not skip out on the rucola — the peppery flavor actually adds much-needed contrast to the stew.


(Non-Spanish) Catalan Fish Stew
Serves 4
Adapted from Food & Wine and Yumsugar

When I make this, it always …