Tara Powers

Tara Powers

Tara Powers is a 2010 graduate of Villanova University, where she was an English major with a concentration in Irish Studies. She now works at a Manhattan publishing house and spends her evenings negotiating the negligible counter space in her Astoria apartment. During her undergrad years, she spent a semester in Salamanca, Spain, where she developed a love affair with paellachurros con chocolate, and tapas of any and all sorts. She also chronicles her postgrad culinary exploits on her sweetly titled blog, Chip Chip Hooray.


Culinary Pet Peeve: Use of the term “mouthfeel”

Favorite Healthful Food: Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Poppyseed Vinaigrette

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Tastiest Travel Experience: Paella mixto (with seafood, chicken, rabbit, and vegetables) eaten in a café with a beach view in Valencia, Spain—the birthplace of paella!

Best Breakfast: Chocolate chip pancakes (made with chocolate batter) with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and maple syrup. Did I mention I have an inhuman sweet tooth?

The After Life: Swan Song of a CSA


The back-to-school commercials are running. Mercilessly. Chances are, you’re reading this from a dorm room (or off-campus apartment, aren’t you fancy?) on a break between classes or reading assignments. Summer’s reign is truly coming to an end, and along with that comes the death knell of a new-to-me summer staple: the CSA.

My office building decided to take part in a summer CSA (or Community Supported Agriculture, for those of you who hail from areas less populated by hipsters and/or farmers) this year, and a coworker and I pooled our resources to take half a vegetable share. So, …


The After Life: Top 10 Reasons You Need a Career Mentor

Courtesy of Forbes.com

You’ve gotten over your first-day-on-the-job jitters, and you’re no longer being taken out for celebratory drinks and congratulatory dinners a few nights a week. You can get through a whole day at work without having to ask a hundred questions, and your coworkers are even starting to trust you with your own projects. Work life is starting to seem downright ordinary–ho-hum, even.

So, time to put your feet up on the desk and coast, right?


At this stage in your career, your learning curve should never flatten. Constantly seeking outlets to challenge yourself will not only keep you …


Review: Tea Time: A Taste of London’s Best Afternoon Teas

tea time

Are you as in denial as I am that the 2012 Summer Olympic Games are over? No longer can I fill my mornings with breathtaking recaps of Michael Phelps’s latest broken record, or spend evenings holding my breath (and staying away from Twitter at all costs) until the U.S. gymnasts stick those landings. Gone are the hours spent wondering just how London’s government agreed to have a beach volleyball court smack dab in front of Buckingham Palace, as well as my excuse to order a side of fries and a cider with every meal in solidarity with our athletes.

And …


The After Life: Five Apartment Features You Didn’t Know You Needed to Look For


It’s time: To spread your wings, to cut the cord, to roam free. Maybe in a new city and state, or maybe in the familiar environs of your college town or childhood home. Regardless of where you’re looking, apartment shopping is a daunting task.

Railroad-style? One-bedroom convertible? Cottage-cozy? Are these advertisements even in English?

As you wade through the sea of potential new abodes, let us help you out–here’s a few things you might not think to put on your list of apartment notables.

**Five Apartment Features You Didn’t Know You Needed to Look For**

1. Closets. You would think …


The After Life: 5 Sticky Situations the After Life Will Throw You…and How to Handle Them

Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

You know how it feels. The shifting in your seat, the avoiding eye contact, the sinking in the pit of your stomach, one of several thoughts: “Jeez, is this real life?!” “I’m totally not mature enough for this.” ”What on earth do I do?!”

Unfortunately, this is real life, and real life–especially real 20-something life–can sometimes be pretty darn sticky.

**5 Sticky Situations the After Life Will Throw You…and How to Handle Them**

1. The office party / happy hour / summer lunch. …Depending on the relative level of sociability in your workplace, you may find yourself flooded with sip-and-sup


The After Life: Summer Lovin’: Long-Distance Relationships and the 20-Something

Source: ConnectingSW blog

Danny and Sandy had it pretty great. Casual meet-up on the beach, a little wholesome hanky-panky under the docks (depending on who you believe in that he-said-she-said fiasco), and everlasting romance through senior year and beyond (I mean, if your car flies, that’s a pretty good indicator of what you can expect from the rest of your life).

News flash!

Real life involves a lot fewer televised dance-offs, for one thing.

But more than that, starting—and continuing—a relationship during your undergrad years, and especially after graduation, takes dedication. When so many of us grow up, go to college, …


The After Life: Five Foodie Tweaks Every 20-Something Should Make


Maybe you’re a budding Iron Chef, up on all the foodie trends to the point where you can extol the virtues of any ingredient du jour (brown butter, duh). Or maybe you have a tough time knowing which end of the spatula to wield. Regardless of your kitchen confidence level, there are a few things every 20-something chef needs to accomplish in order to earn true culinary bragging rights. Read on, and start checking ‘em off your list!

**SKC’s Five Essential Foodie Adventures for 20-Somethings**

1. Design a dish around a new-to-you ingredient. Have you always wondered what that whiteish, vaguely carrot-shaped vegetable is? Here’s your chance: pick one up and cook with it! (It’s a parsnip, by the way.)  The only way to break out of a culinary rut—whether intentional or accidental—is to proactively choose ingredients that you might not actually know how to use. (And hey, chances are we have a recipe here that’ll help.)


The After Life: Five Great Brown Bag Ideas for Office Lunches


Maybe it’s the delicious aromas wafting from the pizza joint or burrito bar next door that are just too tempting, or maybe you’re embarrassed for your cubemates to see your quilted Vera Bradley lunch bag. The fact of the matter is, many of us hesitate to prep and pack at home. News flash, guys and girls: sad, soggy sandwiches are not the only option for your office brown bag lunch!


The After Life: The Ins and Outs of Internships


It was the summer before my senior year of college. Exams had been taken, boxes packed, roommates hugged farewell. As the sunshine reflected off the hazy surface of the Jersey Turnpike on my drive home, only one vision danced in my head.

No, it wasn’t a fruity cocktail or a countdown to my upcoming road trip. It was the shiny desk (okay, cubicle) and air conditioned office that were my destination that coming Monday.

Like so many other to-be seniors, I was breathing a sigh of relief that I’d secured the coveted summer internship (in my intended field, no …


The After Life: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted: 5 Summer Getaways


Even though I don’t technically get a summer vacation anymore (major bummer of grown-up life), there’s still something about those hazy days from June to August that beckons me. Ice cream trucks frequent every city corner, buildings glisten in the midday heat, and me? Well, I’m trying to figure out how to make the best use of my precious few vacation days.

Summer getaways may feel like a luxury you have to forgo, but squeezing in some fun in the sun can be part of your budget! Read on for a few vacation ideas that are fabulous and (relatively) …