Will Levitt

Will Levitt

Will Levitt is a senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where cooking dinner with friends inspired his blog The Dorm Room Dinner.  Long before stepping foot in a dorm room, Will started a catering business with a friend which he ran from 7th grade until he graduated high school. Since then, he's been blogging, writing about food for Wesleyan's newspaper, and selling (and eating) tasty sandwiches at the Wesleyan Farmer's Market. He recently interned for Serious Eats and Food52, and currently works for the magazine Edible Nutmeg.



Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Gummy Worms. They're basically a requirement if I'm studying for a test.






Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Having the contents of a blender end up on the ceiling at an event I was catering.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Studying abroad my sophomore year in Bologna, Italy. Those people know how to eat.





Best Breakfast: Going to a diner and ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin with a side of maple syrup.





Culinary Pet Peeve: A sandwich without mayo.


Fireside Sandwich Chats: Avocado and Spiced Goat Cheese Sandwich


Particularly as the weather warms up, I find that the simplest sandwiches are the best. Though I’ll take a meaty Reuben or Cubano any day of the year, I typically prefer lighter, vegetarian sandwiches during the warmer months. Summer is the time for picnics, meals by the pool and lunches on park benches. That means packing a meal that is both easy to prepare and easy to transport. Now I’ll be honest – I often opt for a good old PB&J in these situations, and I’m happy to admit it. But sometimes I’m looking for something a little more creative and a little more flavorful.

That’s where this simple yet swimmingly scrumptious sandwich comes into play. It won’t take you much longer to prepare than a PB&J, it’s certainly as easy to travel with, and it’s sure to satisfy. Use just-ripe avocados and the most tangy goat cheese you can get your hands on. Za’atar, which spices the goat cheese, is a Middle Eastern spice blend increasingly available at mainstream food markets. If you can’t find it, mix equal parts dried oregano, thyme, majoram, toasted sesame seeds, and a pinch of sumac and salt.


Fireside Sandwich Chats: The Tofu Sandwich You Never Knew You Loved


Discovering a tofu sandwich is like that moment in middle school when you discover that there are some vegetables that are actually somehow edible–even delicious. For me it was finding that I really like Caesar salad. For so long I had assumed, as most children do, that a green food is a gross food. And so for most of my childhood I steered well clear of green foods unless they came in the form of gushers, fruit roll-ups or lollipops. But finally, pressured by my younger sister who had decided she liked Caesar salad, I took a forkful and …


FOODSTOCK Food Writing Conference at Wesleyan University


This Saturday, May 5, Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT will host FOODSTOCK!

After 180 years of illuminating the humanities, arts, and sciences, Wesleyan proudly presents FOODSTOCK, an all-day extravaganza devoted to cooks and books. From sustainability to nopales burritos, from progressivefood policy in government to artisanal kim-chi, from famous food critics to exceptional bloggers, this one-dayconference strives to enlighten and entertain every cook, every eater, every reader, every writer.

The many speakers at the event include Ruth Reichl, Eric Asimov, Dorie Greenspan, Molly O’Neill, Jane Stern and BGSK’s own Cara Eisenpress! In addition to many talks and panels on …


Fireside Sandwich Chats: A Sweet Potato Sandwich with Slaw, Radish, and Spring Onion

sweet potato sandwich

This past weekend, with all the marshmallow peeps being eaten everywhere and all the bunnies hopping around all over the place, it got me thinking about my past Easter experiences (ok, not so much with the bunnies, but I did eat a lot of peeps).

I grew up Jewish, and while my siblings and I often participated in neighborhood Easter-egg hunts, our Easter dinner was much more likely to consist of pasta or Chinese take-out than a roast ham. Though I do remember marshmallow peeps being present for dessert. (Yum.) Easter was really the Spring equivalent of Halloween to me: …


Fireside Sandwich Chats: A Mofongo Sandwich

Mofongo Sandwich

Last week it reached 70° in New England which for mid-March is something of a very late Christmas miracle. With the sun in full swing (that’s a term, right?), the buzz of spring in the air, and flip-flops on my feet, some friends and I headed down to Miller’s Pond near Wesleyan for a picnic. We packed eggplant sandwiches with pesto yogurt on bagels, applesauce cookies, and iced tea. Except for a few dog walkers we were the only people there and it felt like we were getting a sneak-peak of summer all to ourselves. Score.

Something changes when …


Fireside Sandwich Chats: Now That’s a Kale Sandwich I Can Get on Board With

kale sandwich

I’ll be honest, I’m not proud posting a recipe for a kale sandwich. I realize there’s nothing that cool about kale, despite a recent spike in kale-chip consumption. Unless you live in a commune in Vermont, kale doesn’t get you a lot of cultural capital. Not that there’s anything wrong with kale – I love it – it’s just not something I would, say, mention my admiration for on a first date (or would I?).

But here I am, singing the praises of a kale sandwich.

And as long a I have you here, let’s talk about this sandwich, …


Fireside Sandwich Chats: Turkey and Cheese

Still from FSC2

Welcome to the second installment of Fireside Sandwich Chats, the video series where we discuss, make, and eat…drum roll please…SANDWICHES! Every episode we take a boring, old sandwich and make it into something spectacular. By a fireplace. With a bow tie.

Check it out this video, where we make a turkey and cheese sandwich using blue cheese and strawberry preserves. Then use the recipe to make your own!

Will Levitt is a senior at Wesleyan University, where he writes about food, eats food, and has recently come to terms with the fact that he is a mayonnaise


Fireside Sandwich Chats: Chicken Salad Sandwich

chicken salad sandwich

Welcome to Fireside Sandwich Chats, where we discuss, make, and eat…drum roll please…SANDWICHES! Every episode we’ll take a boring, old sandwich and make it into something spectacular. By a fireplace. With a bow tie.

Brought to you by Dorm Room Dinner.

Check it out the video, then use the recipe to make your own!

And if you need a lil’ sneak peek…here’s our reinvented sandwich:

Will Levitt is a senior at Wesleyan University, where he writes about food, eats food, and has recently come to terms with the fact that he is a mayonnaise addict. He


Sandwich of the Week: The Art of an Eggplant Sandwich

eggplant sandwich

Dish: Eggplant Sandwich with Spinach, Pickled Onions, and Yogurt Sauce
Venue: Homemade

Cooking in college can often be bothersome. Perhaps you arrive your first year a bright-eyed freshman only to discover that a microwave will be your only cooking companion for the year ahead. Perhaps you finally find yourself in a small apartment with a real oven only to discover that it too, like your messy roommate, has a mind of its own. Maybe you’re shocked to realize that your signature olive-oil saffron cake costs as much to make as your biology textbook. The list goes on.

My biggest bother …