Look Ma, No Oven!: Salted Caramel Pots de Crème


You can’t very well end a meal without dessert. Whether it’s a glamorous five-course meal complete with tinkling china and sparkling crystal or a half-hearted, half-microwaved Pot Noodle, I feel like you just have to end on a sweet note. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. A small square of dark chocolate or an apple usually suffices.

But why shouldn’t it be grand? If your meal is simple, a special treat afterward can make everything feel all the more special. If your meal is a more lavish, more Henry VIII affair, well, I wouldn’t expect you to serve …


DIY Raw Nut Butter

Image via Angela Liddo

Or, that one time I killed my mom’s vintage food processor.

Nut butter is an essential for any kitchen. I like to spread it on toast, plop it into smoothies, swirl it into baked goods, and admittedly eat it by the spoonful. The decadence is unparalleled by any plant food. Peanut butter has a certain childhood sweetness to it, while almond butter has some grown-up heft. Coconut butter is creamy and exotic, and cashew butter is a great alternative to classic nut spreads. Traditional roasted nut butter is still good for ya, but for the greatest health benefits you’ve


Eat Under $10: Chipacado Cookies


Dish: Oatmeal Chipacado Cookies aka vegan oatmeal avocado chocolate chip cookies
Serves: A crowd. This recipe makes 2 dozen cookies, so it’s great for your friends or to devour by yourself. Over the course of a week. Maybe less. Definitely less.
Good For: They’re cookies. They are good for any situation.
Shopping List: 1/3 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk ($2.39), 3 tablespoons ground flax seed (36 cents), 1 cup mashed, firm avocado ($1.29), 1 cup dark brown sugar ($1.29), 2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats (72 cents), 1 cup semisweet vegan chocolate chips ($2.50), 1/2 cup chopped …


Healthy Homemade: Vegan Summer Picnic Salad


I’m a mix-all-the-food-together person, as are I believe exactly 50 percent of us, which is why there can never be peace on earth. This salad mixes together everything at the summer barbecue all in a light dressing for colors, textures and flavors galore. Potato salad, corn on the cob, green beans and barbecue are all here, and yes they are all vegan.

As an omnivore who recently tried tofu via the BBQ tofu recipe below, I decided to include it here cause I enjoyed it very much! Omnivores eating a strictly omnivorous diet for the day can use


Allergy-Friendly Baking

Gluten Free Banana Lemon Muffins

Many students return from college looking for home-cooked meals. They look forward to being served their childhood favorites by mom or dad.

I am not one of these students.

When I get home, my family clears out of the kitchen, leaving me a full pantry and all the kitchen tools necessary to carry out my culinary projects.

These “projects” always involve foreign cuisines and new-to-me techniques. Usually I will experiment with a new form of food preservation or value-added product. Baking is always a must. But this year I had a new challenge imposed upon me – food allergies. …


How To: Be A Broke Vegan


Have you heard? Veganism is all the rage these days. It’s how Anne Hathaway got that bangin’ catsuit body, and how former President Bill Clinton saved his life and lost 20 pounds. It’s how I’ve eaten for three and a half years, with a few moments of weakness at fine restaurants and when dessert cravings strike. My mom and I read Skinny Bitch when I was in high school and decided to experiment with a plant-based diet, and we haven’t looked back! These days, it seems lots of conscious-minded friends are also giving veganism a whirl. Even my food hero


Vegetarian Quinoa Taco Bowls


Imagine this scene for a moment: You are at a party or a bar with your friends when someone comes up to and tries to pick you up with the following line: “You’re as complete as quinoa.”

Regardless of the fact that the pick up line is already a lame attempt at getting your number, it is even more laughable when considering that only foodies would even understand it.

Those who are health-conscious, interested in nutrition or straight-up foodies will know the significance behind the completeness of quinoa. Considered by many to be an ultimate health food, quinoa is …


Nutrition and Health Tip: Hidden, Non-Vegetarian-Friendly Ingredients


There are a lot of misconceptions about vegetarianism.

In basic terms, a vegetarian is someone who commits to a diet that does not include meat, poultry or fish. However, vegetarianism is more than simply substituting tofu and soy for meat products. It is a personal choice that might be based on religious, ethical, health or economic reasons. There are some who are more flexible in their food decisions and choose to eat fish on occasion (i.e. pescetarians) and others who are committed to a lifestyle in which they do not consume any animal products (i.e. vegans). Yet, no matter the


Five-Ingredient Feast: The Amazing Breakfast Sandwich


There’s something bonkers magical about breakfast options. It’s kind of like being a five-year-old kid in a candy shop. Only better.

Because bacon, brown sugar, and butter are all invited to the same party. PARTY?!

Yes, you know the little get together in your mouth? That one. Address: 5263 YUM St. City, zip code, and state—irrelevant. Speaking of directions, we’re going on a road trip. And you get to pick the destination.

Maybe you want a bowl ‘o cereal with the “taste you can see” or some hippie, crunchy-granola noms.

Or maybe, you’ve totally had a (cereal)ity check and just …


Five Ingredient Feast: Buttermilk Pecan Chicken


As a college student with a penchant for kitchen experimentation, I felt I had a pretty good handle on cooking with limited resources. So when the opportunity arose to share a recipe here made with only five ingredients, I thought, duh.  This is my jam.  Sign me up.

The idea was great in theory, but in practice (ie: thinking about what I eat on a regular basis that doesn’t involve much by way of components), I realized that most of the simple things I eat involve whatever’s in the fridge and quinoa.  Cut it up, mix it in, …