SKC Abroad: Sephardic Date Charoset

Charoset bowl

Passover is by far my least favorite holiday. As an Ashkenazi Jew, there are so many restrictions on what you can and cannot eat during Passover that I ultimately end up living off of salad, matzoh, and boxed Manischewitz mixes for its duration. Now, for all those people who say they like Passover food – especially matzoh – I agree, it’s not so bad…but after eight, long days of matzoh being the staple food of your diet, trust me, it quickly loses any of the appeal it might have had (although getting creative and making something like this matzoh


Dining Hall DIY: Gourmet Olive Oil Ice Cream Sundae

olive oil ice cream skc

Sometimes you’re in the mood for hot fondue, sometimes for cupcakes from around the world.

With spring on our heels, frozen desserts are a comforting and classy way to welcome the sweetness of sunshine.

There’s a delicious ice cream shop in San Francisco called BiRite Creamery. It has quality ice cream AND soft serve, and the caramel sauce is incredible, teetering on the brink of amazing flavor complexity and bitter burnt-ness. There is also a combination called “Sam’s Sundae” which combines chocolate ice cream, fruity olive oil, sea salt, and whipped cream.

Our sundae combines oilve oil with the signature Ratty vanilla soft serve and rice krispies. The flavors of the olive oil and ice cream complement each other fabulously. Don’t trust us, try it yourself!


Dining Hall DIY: Le Parfait Parfait


Fun fact #458 about me: I love clothing. And I’m not talking about the usual retail therapy binge at the change of the seasons, no, no. That’s mere child’s play to the purchasing power I’m packing. I have come out of stores before with three of the same skirt, in the same color. I could go four months without doing a single load of laundry, not even for unmentionables. However, the saddest thing about this majestic trousseau is that it’s 98% black, or navy, or an inky blend of the two. While this, how shall I say… classic palette makes …


Look Ma, No Oven! Strawberry Fool


Leave it to the Irish to have a dessert called a fool. Well, leave it to the British, since that’s where the dessert was originally created. Traditionally made with gooseberries, a fool is assembled by mixing whipped cream with crushed fruit, sugar and other flavorings. It’s unclear where exactly the name fool came from, but one thing is certain – this versatile and delicious dessert is foolproof to make (pun intended!). So even if you’re living in a dorm room with no cooking or baking appliances, don’t miss out on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It may not be …


-Free Food: Sweet Grain Breakfast, Vegan and Gluten-Free


DISH: Porridge
TYPE: Breakfast
DIETARY RESTRICTION: Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free

I find that breakfast tends to set the tone for the rest of my day. If I start with a green smoothie or whole-wheat toast I feel like I can tackle the day. I have a little strut in my step because I know I treated myself well. If I start with a pastry, I find that sugar-induced sluggishness trumps the delicious factor of a sweet and flaky treat. Most of the time it’s worth it to start off with a healthy choice.

So what do you eat if you’re …


Dining Hall DIY: Luck o’ the Irish Mashed Potatoes

Lucky Irish mashed potatoes with pork and green beans

Ah, potatoes. Something about them just screams comfort. Humble yet impressively versatile, as the Irish have demonstrated in their endless creativity with potato-inspired cuisine. From pub fries to colcannon, boxty (potato pancakes) to champ (mashed potatoes with scallions) – no part of the potato goes to waste. This St. Patty’s day, honor the potato in your very own dining hall, by dressing it up with deep green veggies, roast pork, and a generous drizzle of golden honey.


Best Ways to Eat Cereal, Besides with Milk

Well-known food writer Erma Bombeck once said, “Like religion, politics, and family planning, cereal is not a topic to be brought up in public. It’s too controversial.” How right she is!

Everyone seems to have his or her own cereal preferences for what makes the perfect bowl. I have always eaten my cereal dry (gasp, I know). I’m not lactose-intolerant, but no matter what brand I choose from the shelf, I prefer to eat my cereal sans milk. This habit has made for many awkward mornings waking up at sleepovers and explaining to my friends and their parents that I …


Dining Hall DIY: The Quesadilla Epiphany

queso final

It’s quite possible that this queso creation will change your life.

I mean, we could talk about caviar and microgastronomy, filet mignon and champagne, or prosciutto and gnocchi. But the truth is, sometimes you just can’t compete with warm, cheesy triangle of uber deliciousness.

This is way more awesome than a heaping serving of dining hall “gunk.” But it’s also totes affordable if you’re someone suffering from Top Ramen overdoses; if you’re someone looking for comfort food minus the Paula Deen; if you’re someone majoring in cheesiness and minoring in cheddar.

I don’t know if you dream about eating …


Study Break Snack: Spiced Coffee


Snack: Spiced Coffee
Brain Booster Rating: 9 out of 10, the coffee will surely kickstart your brain functioning.
Equipment: Mug, coffee-making setup (I have a percolator)
Ingredients: Coffee, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg

I must admit, my coffee routine has gotten a bit boring. Every morning since high school, the first thing I do when I wake up is brew a cup of coffee. Even though over the years I have experimented with different methods of brewing–drip, French press, and now finally a stovetop espresso percolator–the taste of the coffee has remained relatively the same.

If your coffee routine


Dining Hall DIY: Custom Cobb Salad

cobb salad

Whoever came up with the bacon, lettuce, tomato combo was a genius. Crunchy, salty bacon just yearns for a tangy sweet juicy burst of ripe tomato…the two dancing their sensuous tango atop a bed of crispy fresh lettuce.
The Cobb Salad takes this flawless trio to yet another level, adding more colorful players to jazz up the stage.
According to Wikipedia: “The Cobb Salad is a main-dish garden salad made from chopped salad greens (head lettuce, watercress, chicory, and romaine), tomato, crisp bacon, boiled or roasted chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, avocado…, chives, red-wine vinaigrette and Roquefort cheese.