Big Apple, Small Basket: Week #3


 Welcome to a new summer weekly installment at SKC called Big Apple, Small Basket.  Check back to read more about Kendra’s adventures in finding, maneuvering and cooking summer dishes from the many farmers’ markets in New York City.  Click for Week #1 and Week #2.  

People told me New York City would be expensive, but I did not understand to what degree, really, until yesterday.  After an hour of looking excitedly through menus from establishments participating in Restaurant Week (this annual event is magic, don’t even get me started), I decided to flip to the websites of some …


How To: Be A Broke Vegan


Have you heard? Veganism is all the rage these days. It’s how Anne Hathaway got that bangin’ catsuit body, and how former President Bill Clinton saved his life and lost 20 pounds. It’s how I’ve eaten for three and a half years, with a few moments of weakness at fine restaurants and when dessert cravings strike. My mom and I read Skinny Bitch when I was in high school and decided to experiment with a plant-based diet, and we haven’t looked back! These days, it seems lots of conscious-minded friends are also giving veganism a whirl. Even my food hero


Eat Under $10: Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble

My roommates love eggs. In fact, I just counted how many eggs are currently in our fridge, and there are 27. Don’t get me wrong: I like eggs – they are super healthy and really versatile. But sometimes, I’m just not in the mood. Sometimes, I want something a little heartier, a little more filling. Enter tofu – a delicious, nutritious protein that can be the star in dishes as different as bagels with tofu cream cheese and tofu vegetable cassoulet. Tofu often gets a bad rep in the culinary world (particularly among meat eaters) as mushy and tasteless, but to those people I would ask, do you find uncooked, unseasoned chicken appealing and full of flavor? No.


Money Mindful Meals: Easy French Baguette


I recently moved into a fantastic new apartment. It’s a brownstone on a tree-lined Chicago side street with large bay windows and gorgeous mahogany wood. And the cherry on top–it has a big kitchen!

While I love my new place, I had to make some sacrifices when moving. Among sleep, money, and my sanity, I also lost all of the contents of my fridge.

Thanks to wonderful friends and family the fridge at my new place was quickly populated with delicious cupcakes and chocolate.

These treats made up one meal a day, but for the remaining two I had to …


Big Apple, Small Basket: Week #1


Welcome to a new summer weekly installment at SKC called Big Apple, Small Basket.  Check back to read more about Kendra’s adventures in finding, maneuvering and cooking summer dishes from the many farmers’ markets in New York City.

Landing a supercool internship in New York City for the summer meant one big thing: I’d be leaving home (the San Francisco Bay Area) and my other home (Chicago, where I go to school) for two months to live and work in a buzzing metropolis that I’d only ever been a wide-eyed tourist in before.  New York City?!  My palms sweat …


Impulse Buy of the Week: Gourmet Fruit Spread


Impulse Buy: Nû Lait Limon Bleu All Natural Fruit Spread
Store: Milk & Honey, Philadelphia, Pa.
Aisle: At the checkout counter trying to get rid of it because it would expire in two weeks as I later discovered
Cost: $2 on sale; retail price unknown

On behalf of SKC, I’d like to acknowledge something about society: 75% of all culinary impulse buys are various flavors of butters and jams. To date, nine out of twelve of our writers’ documented impulse purchases have been spreadable foods including chestnut spread, white truffle butter and sweet potato butter


Eat Under $10: Summer Berry Bread Pudding with Fresh Lemon Whipped Cream


Bread pudding is pretty awesome and pretty underrated. The UK is doing their thing basically calling everything pudding and livin’ the life, while the US proudly sticks with those little Jell-O brand guys. Besides in the south, of course, where they know their stuff with banana pudding. Bread pudding is pudding because the bread absorbs the “pudding,” the custard of milk, eggs and sugar. The result is like 12 or so pieces of French toast cozily nestled together conveniently baked all at the same time. Amazing-tasting, easy and cheap since the main ingredient is bread.


The Perfect Fourth of July Dessert

IMG_1947 2

I like holidays. A lot. Most people just have an extra bit of pep in their step and easiness in their voice. But me? Well, I get crazy. (But you already knew that.) So naturally, you would understand that I’m just a tad excited borderline beside myself with enthusiasm about spending the Fourth of July in the heart of the nation itself.

Red, white, and blue everything. Firecracker popsicles. Barbecues in the name of independence. Star-spangled nail polish. The national anthem…and plenty of pop dance anthems too. Fireworks? Fireworks! Uncle Sam costumes. And of course, AMURRICA!

You know— just the …


Money Mindful Meals: Cherry Tomato Couscous


Lately I’ve been in a cold-weather-comfort-food rut–Yesterday my banana loaf turned out too dry and last Wednesday my crockpot chicken lacked flavor.

Today, as I was searching for yet another winter weather recipe, it hit me: I should be cooking warm weather food. After all, it’s technically spring. (Although the overcast sky and chilly Chicago wind make me think otherwise.)

I quickly discovered a delightful summer dinner recipe on 101 Cookbooks: Cherry Tomato Couscous. Although tomatoes don’t hit their peak for three more months, the lemon and lime juice offer a fresh veil that hides the fact that the …


Money Mindful Meals: Beer Bread


One of my favorite things to do when I was little was dig through my mom’s recipe box – the one that was full of hand-written index cards with recipes for Grandma’s butter cookies or the neighbor’s zucchini bread.

A few years ago, I moved into my first apartment. Between the Dunkin Donut box with a few stale donuts and the layers of dirt that painted the apartment, the former tenant did leave one redeeming item behind, a stack of similar recipe cards that his mom had sent him. Each recipe contained notes like “very filling” or “great with salad.” …