Big Apple, Small Basket: Week #4


Welcome to a new summer weekly installment at SKC called Big Apple, Small Basket.  Check back to read more about Kendra’s adventures in finding, maneuvering and cooking summer dishes from the many farmers’ markets in New York City.  Click for Week #1Week #2, and Week #3. …

The San Francisco version of the subway is called BART, an acronym for Bay Area Rapid Transit (the train’s real name) and also Bay Area Rides Together, which is its advertising slogan.  Unfortunately for the people who named and advertise for BART, neither thing is particularly accurate.  First, BART


Table for One: Treat Yo Self

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Treat. Yo. Self. I wish I came up with myself, but alas I can not take credit for this slogan from the show Parks and Recreation. Oh Aziz Ansari, I bet we would be besties in real life, we could buy matching cashmere sweaters and we could food nerd out together. (Fun fact: Aziz Ansari is a huge foodie who, through twitter, got GQ magazine to fund a food trip to Tokyo for him and some pals.)

Anyways, as college gals, we are often looking for a way to save money, be thrifty, and grab a quick slice rather …


4 Best Uses for Summer Produce


Have you been to the farmers’ market lately?

Delicate squash blossoms, sweet ears of corn, and zucchini on zucchini on zucchini.

It’s kinda overwhelming. And if you’re anything like me, you end up with a giant bag of produce on your counter. A bag that just stares at you wistfully until it’s eatin’ time or bust.

I gotchu. But let’s do this–for reals. Don’t let another bunch of kale go bad. And heaven forbid the peaches turn to mush.

Grab your paring knife, a bowl, and let’s get this show on the road.

**4 Best Uses for Summer Produce**



How To: Be A Broke Vegan


Have you heard? Veganism is all the rage these days. It’s how Anne Hathaway got that bangin’ catsuit body, and how former President Bill Clinton saved his life and lost 20 pounds. It’s how I’ve eaten for three and a half years, with a few moments of weakness at fine restaurants and when dessert cravings strike. My mom and I read Skinny Bitch when I was in high school and decided to experiment with a plant-based diet, and we haven’t looked back! These days, it seems lots of conscious-minded friends are also giving veganism a whirl. Even my food hero


This Week at College: A Time of Celebration


Every week we give you the latest in college news, trends, and lifestyle tips. If you have anything juicy, make sure to post it here on the Small Kitchen College facebook page, and we’ll include it in next week’s edition.

–Bethany Imondi, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


Although the Forth of July may be behind us, there is no reason you can’t deck yourself out in patriotic fashion. Celebrate America any day of the year with these festive red, white and blue looks.

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoyed some fireworks and a barbecue on Independence …


You’re Invited: Pinterest Party


What do Mod Podge, chocolate chips, pudding, pretzels, chalkboard paint, scrapbook paper, and Sterilite drawers have in common? Well, pretty much nothing other than that they are all items that can be found on the Pinterest home page. Like any savvy blog-reading college student, you’ve probably given Pinterest a whirl, I’m sure, and if not – well why not? If you have clicked through the wonders that Pinterest has to offer, you may understand the stressful moment many Pinners reach, when they realize they’ve pinned so many DIY projects, recipes, and more that they haven’t even done. This is such …


Eaters Among Us: Poppy Tooker

Poppy Tooker

Poppy Tooker is a native New Orleanian and culinary activist. Her motto is “Eat It To Save It,” which she has used to revive endangered foods across the U.S. and abroad through her collaboration with Slow Food’s Ark of Taste. She is the host and producer of Louisiana Eats!, a local radio station’s weekly program for people who cook and people who love to eat. If you’re in the area, her show airs on WWNO 89.9 FM on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. She was recognized by the Times Picayune as a “Hero of the Storm” for her work reviving …


The After Life: Five Foodie Tweaks Every 20-Something Should Make


Maybe you’re a budding Iron Chef, up on all the foodie trends to the point where you can extol the virtues of any ingredient du jour (brown butter, duh). Or maybe you have a tough time knowing which end of the spatula to wield. Regardless of your kitchen confidence level, there are a few things every 20-something chef needs to accomplish in order to earn true culinary bragging rights. Read on, and start checking ‘em off your list!

**SKC’s Five Essential Foodie Adventures for 20-Somethings**

1. Design a dish around a new-to-you ingredient. Have you always wondered what that whiteish, vaguely carrot-shaped vegetable is? Here’s your chance: pick one up and cook with it! (It’s a parsnip, by the way.)  The only way to break out of a culinary rut—whether intentional or accidental—is to proactively choose ingredients that you might not actually know how to use. (And hey, chances are we have a recipe here that’ll help.)


How to: Make Fitness Fun

finding fitness you love resize

I remember being 8 years old and playing “Tag” late into a warm, summer evening. Barefoot, I padded through the dewy, emerald glades of my neighbor’s lawn, as I prepared to sprint for the designated safe area.  My heart pounded to the breathless countdown in my head.

Three. Thud. Two. Thud, thud. One. And…GO!

My limbs roared to life, gathering speed beneath me with every stride. I took off flying around the corner, aware that my brother would be in hot pursuit within seconds. The wind whipped through my hair, and I heard the tell-tale rhythm of my brother’s gait


How To: Spend Summer like a California Gurl


Confession time: I reallly wanted to title this article “How To: Be a California Girl” à la Katy Perry. You know since we are unforgettable, undeniable and apparently tend to be sippin’ on gin and juice quite often. Oh Katy, how’d you know?

Anyways, over here on the West Coast, it is officially summer weather. Although instead of gin and juice, it’s more like guzzling margaritas and I’m not so sure that I’m melting any popsicles. But, I digress.

I don’t know about you all, but by the time I finish my last quarter, I’m so ready for the …