The Eaters Among Us: Top Chef Tiffany Derry


If you’re as big a Top Chef junkie as I am, Tiffany Derry has paid your living room multiple visits, and made you very very hungry. The alum of Season 7 and Top Chef All-Stars is best known for her booming laugh, perfectly executed seafood and southern specialties, and for her “don’t mess with Texas” attitude in the kitchen. After all, not every chef has the guts to serve Tom Colicchio okra.

I was lucky enough to dine with Tiffany at Le Bernardin (!!!) while she was in New York spreading the good word about Sargento cheese, and catching up …


The Eaters Among Us: A Football Player’s Take on Food


Aaron Tjarks is a student at Truman State University where he has spent much of his time on the offensive line for the Bulldogs Football team. In his time off the field, he bartends at the world-famous (okay, maybe just Kirksville-famous) TP’s Office, one of the most popular, and my personal favorite, bar on the Kirksville square and has a little time for studying. He’ll graduate in May with his degree in business and communication. Aaron also happens to be one of my dear friends, and one of my biggest supporters as a contributor to Small Kitchen College, so …


The Eaters Among Us: Joan Nathan on Food, France, and Hanukkah


Joan Nathan is truly the mother of Jewish cooking. She’s written 10 cookbooks on the subject, including the venerable tome Jewish Cooking in America, and her latest Quiches, Kugels, and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France. So when I started thinking about the food and guides we wanted to feature on BGSK for Hanukkah, her name naturally came to mind.

I was lucky to be able to chat with Joan and ask her all our Hanukkah cooking, entertaining, and gifting queries. We talked about her favorite edible presents and how to get your home to not …


Eaters Among Us: The Face of Fine Dining in St. Andrews, Scotland


Daisy Zeijlon, the second year representative of the St Andrews Fine Food and Dining Society, knows a thing or two about good food. From organizing multiple-course tasting meals to rounding up adventurers for mushroom foraging expeditions, this girl is helping to bring great food to the masses here at St. Andrews.

Hayley Daen: What was your favorite food as a child?

Daisy Zeijlon: When I was really little, it was prune baby food.

HD: If you were a food, what would you be?

DZ: A papaya.

HD: And what if you could only eat one food for the rest of


The Eaters Among Us: A Determined and Inspiring Woman

sweet potato pie

Debra South Jones is the founder of Just The Right Attitude, the second largest food bank in Louisiana. In the late ’90s she was a successful accountant for a local newspaper. Then, she was diagnosed with both ovarian and thyroid cancer. Doctors were pessimistic and her husband left her. She had medical insurance but it was insufficient. She had to choose between feeding her two children and paying $1,200 each month for pain medication. Out of desperation, Debra forced herself to apply for food stamps but the government somehow deemed her too well-off for food stamps. Debra vowed in …


The Eaters Among Us: A UVa Grad Serves Up Sweet Treats for Large and Small Crowds


Meet Natalie Oschrin, a recent University of Virginia grad who is adjusting to the Southern life in Charleston, SC. A legal assistant by day, she fills her free time in the kitchen — either her own or at the restaurant where she works. Known among friends for her decadent creations (both sweet and savory) and her mad hostessing skills, Natalie is destined to own a little bakery where she can bake endless quantities of both cakes and pies. Read more to hear about Natalie’s Dining Hall DIY tips, late night cravings, and greatest food failures and feats.

Juliana Barton: If


The Eaters Among Us: Marcus Samuelsson Loves His Veggies (and His Ramen!)

Marcus Samuelsson

Marcus Samuelsson is the owner of Red Rooster up in Harlem, co-founder of The Food, and, yes, an official Top Chef Master. He’s also recently become a spokesperson for the new Birds Eye “It’s always veggie season” campaign. That’s where I come in. A few weeks ago I caught up with Marcus at the Birds Eye launch event in Union Square, where they turned the turf of our weekly Green Market into a branded “snow” garden. Growing up in Sweden, and then heading off to culinary school at a young age, Marcus didn’t necessarily have the typical American college …


Eaters Among Us: Sarma MeIngailis: Raw Foodist, Dog Lover, Cake Eater


Sarma MeIngailis is one of the country’s leading proponents of raw food.  After graduating from UPenn and beginning a successful career in finance, Sarma decided she just wasn’t having enough fun. Making a radical shift, she enrolled in New York’s French Culinary Institute, but it was after a brush with raw food that her career began to take shape. She is the co-founder and owner of Pure Food & Wine, and the founder and CEO of One Lucky Duck in NYC, and the author of Raw Food/Real World and Living Raw Food. She is currently a self-described “mostly raw


The Eaters Among Us: A Penn State Grad With A Taste for The Mid-Atlantic, Crabs, and Old Bay.


Meet Amanda Fellmeth, a fine cheese-loving 2011 graduate from Penn State University and a Semester at Sea alumna. She’s considering law school next year, but has a nifty start-up business plan for late night smoothies for hungover college-goers near her alma mater. The Mid-Atlantic is her favorite food city (ok, region), but Spain and India caught her taste buds while at sea last Fall. Read more to hear Amanda’s advice to Freshman about navigating the cafeteria, pilfering for breakfast, and generally having a good time.

Kelsey B: Let’s start with the basics: if you were a food, what would


The Eaters Among Us: A San Franciscan With A Taste For Italy… And A Sweet Tooth


Meet Mari Mazzucco, a sophisticated and trend-savvy senior at the University of San Diego studying Art History and English. She enjoys San Diego’s foodie culture, but nothing compares to her native San Francisco, a city she describes as a brilliant mosaic of taste and culture.  She spent the Fall ’10 Semester studying in Florence, Italy and returned with a deepened appreciation for long meals, good wine, and great conversation. Read more about her favorite foods, Royal wedding inspiration, and lessons learned since freshman year.

Kelsey Brown: What do you remember about the food you ate as a child, what