Table for Two: Romancing the Turkey


It’s almost Thanksgiving! You know what that means: a break from school, shopping the sales at 3 AM, and…romance? Well, traditionally eating so much turkey that you have to undo the top button on your jeans isn’t the best way to attract your mate, but relax. Here are a few simple steps to ensure that you have a romantic Thanksgiving with your current flame.


You’re Invited: Halloween Bash!

Hosting holiday parties is difficult, especially on a college campus. After all, it’s a holiday, and holidays normally mean there’s a lot going on, or, for some holidays, that everyone flees off campus. The challenge is figuring out when, where, and with who, you want to celebrate. Of course, the solution to that is hosting a party yourself, because you have the added benefit of creating the event you want to go to! Unfortunately, your dilemma isn’t over though. On a Monday this year, it’s hard to figure out when the Halloween celebration should take place. On my campus, it’s pretty much been determined the major celebrating will go down on Saturday, but with haunted houses, bandfests, and other campus-sanctioned events, finding the time to fit your event in can be the opposite of boo-tiful. Never fear, we have suggestions to cure your Halloween party blues!


Best Food-Related Halloween Costumes


I love Halloween. More importantly, I have mad respect for anyone that can put together an awesome costume. And what makes an awesome costume?

The keys to a great Halloween costume are recognizability, creativity, and effort. To speak to that first key, what’s more recognizable and crowd-pleasing than a food-themed costume? Now, the easy way would be to search for one of the million purchasable food halloween costumes out there, but that would mean completely ignoring the other two keys to a great costume, and thus be unacceptable. Instead, check out these tips and tricks for creating the best food-themed Halloween costume yet!


You’re Invited: Tea Time Study Break

by SKC

While studying for midterms, I find myself quite isolated. I spend long hours in the library with barely any time left even to grab dinner with friends. This tea party is a nice excuse to gather with your group during midterms or finals, to be social without partying so hard you threaten your grades. You can use it as a chance to study all together! Even if you and your friends end up gossiping more than working, the party will be a relaxed, low-key afternoon diversion before heading back to the library.


Friday Recipe Round-up: Best Tailgate Recipes


Every week we’ll round up some of the best recipes, food writing, cooking tricks and drinking tips that every college student should know about.  Here’s what’s cooking in virtual kitchens around the web this week.

Football season is officially underway, but, really, what’s a football game without a tailgate party?  Whether you’ll be serving friends in your dorm room, living room, or in the trunk of your Jeep in the stadium parking lot, check out the recipes below for go-to snack, wings, and sandwich recipes that are easy to make in a college kitchen and will definitely score touchdowns …


Weekend Agenda: A Special Food-Themed Comedy Show For You


Photo by Brian Tamborello

Brooklyn-based comedian Eugene Mirman* (pictured above on this dog’s t-shirt) revels in the question “wouldn’t it be funny if…?” As dedicated readers of my SKC bio already know, the unstructured, absurd and often “meta” realm of alternative comedy, in which Mirman and his pals are key players, holds a special place in my heart. September 15-18 brings the 4th Annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, which originated from Mirman’s joking thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if I named a festival after myself?”

At Brooklyn’s The Bell House and Union Hall, each show has a …


Weekend Agenda: Bangkok Flea Market Eats

Deep-fried Meats

When you hear the words ‘flea market,’ you probably think about secondhand clothes or inexpensive goods. But some flea markets have so much more to offer…like food.

Every Thursday morning, white tents are set up in the main assembly area of Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok, Thailand. The Prasarnmit flea market is a favorite amongst students, professors, locals, and tourists alike. The ecstatic atmosphere is almost palpable when the clock strikes twelve and students from the university pour out for their lunch break. Veteran shoppers know to hit the market before ten: when all the goods are still stocked, the …


Weekend Agenda: Illinois State Fair


Sunday night was a bittersweet evening for the folks in Springfield, Illinois: the last night of the Illinois State Fair. This year’s festivities ended with a Draft Horse Pull, Chili-Cook off, and concert by Lady Antebellum. While the fair brought many great musical acts, livestock, and a 500 pound cow made of unsalted butter, the best part of the fair was the fried food (obvi). This year the state fair offered over 50 fried items including Battered Butter (you heard me), Deep Fried Head West Brownies, and Fried Kool-Aid. You are probably wondering the same thing I did, how


Weekend Agenda: Getting Swanky at Worcester Restaurant Week


If you were to chart the amount of swank in your life on a daily basis (line or bar graph, your choice), a night out during your city’s restaurant week should be off the charts.

Most cities have one or two weeks during the year when participating high-end restaurants offer a special prix-fixe menu at a discounted price. This is so everyday folk like you and I can afford their quality offerings and enjoy them so much that we’ll come back later and spend way more money. But we won’t talk about that. Well, maybe when your parents visit. But …


This Week at College: Making The Most Of This Summer


Every week we give you the latest in college news, trends, and lifestyle tips. If you have anything juicy, make sure to post it here on the Small Kitchen College facebook page, and we’ll include it in next week’s edition. 

–Megumi Sasada, Small Kitchen College Contributor


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