End of Summer Foodie Bucket List


Summer is a big flirt.

It leads you on with its perfect evenings spent watching sunsets, cool nights spent listening to fireworks wrapped in a blanket and afternoons spent splashing in the cooling temperatures of the ocean.

It promises clam bakes, picnics and ice cream for breakfast.

It burns your skin, lightens your hair and lifts your mood.

It keeps you wondering what will tomorrow bring, and asks if the next day could possibly be any better than the present.

It has you wishing that you could freeze time and bottle those hours of sunshine and late nights under the …


Gluten-Free the Healthy Way


If you haven’t noticed, gluten-free is the diet of the moment. Suddenly, everywhere from chain restaurants to your local deli advertises a gluten-free menu. Is it just hype, or is a gluten allergy now far more common?

There’s no easy answer. According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, 3 million Americans have celiac disease and 18 million have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Given those figures, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to cut out gluten. Even those without a medically diagnosed condition claim they feel better without gluten. So if you have any of the …


Best Foods to Freeze and Thaw


Whenever I leave a restaurant with my plate half eaten, I always question whether or not it’s worth it to take home the leftovers.  Am I really going to eat the rest of mypizza or fried rice tomorrow for lunch?  After much deliberation, I have decided that unless you are super gung-ho about repeating your dinner the next day, you should only take it home if it’s freezable.

I consulted my mother, a freezing aficionado, about the best leftover foods to freeze and thaw.  Here are her tips:

1. Chicken and salmon freeze well.
2. Be careful with breads


A Guide to CSAs


My newest obsession is Community Sustained Agriculture, or CSA. A CSA is program in which the member pays for a share of the local harvest in spring or fall upfront so farmers can buy supplies in the winter to start growing in spring. In turn, members get their “repayment” of produce from the farm weekly or bi-weekly during the harvest season.

Traditionally, a CSA was created when a group of neighbors got together to buy a farm and hire a farmer. They then split the harvest among themselves. It was like having your own personal farm without having to …


Nutrition and Health Tip: Hidden, Non-Vegetarian-Friendly Ingredients


There are a lot of misconceptions about vegetarianism.

In basic terms, a vegetarian is someone who commits to a diet that does not include meat, poultry or fish. However, vegetarianism is more than simply substituting tofu and soy for meat products. It is a personal choice that might be based on religious, ethical, health or economic reasons. There are some who are more flexible in their food decisions and choose to eat fish on occasion (i.e. pescetarians) and others who are committed to a lifestyle in which they do not consume any animal products (i.e. vegans). Yet, no matter the