End of Summer Foodie Bucket List


Summer is a big flirt.

It leads you on with its perfect evenings spent watching sunsets, cool nights spent listening to fireworks wrapped in a blanket and afternoons spent splashing in the cooling temperatures of the ocean.

It promises clam bakes, picnics and ice cream for breakfast.

It burns your skin, lightens your hair and lifts your mood.

It keeps you wondering what will tomorrow bring, and asks if the next day could possibly be any better than the present.

It has you wishing that you could freeze time and bottle those hours of sunshine and late nights under the …


Best Foods to Freeze and Thaw


Whenever I leave a restaurant with my plate half eaten, I always question whether or not it’s worth it to take home the leftovers.  Am I really going to eat the rest of mypizza or fried rice tomorrow for lunch?  After much deliberation, I have decided that unless you are super gung-ho about repeating your dinner the next day, you should only take it home if it’s freezable.

I consulted my mother, a freezing aficionado, about the best leftover foods to freeze and thaw.  Here are her tips:

1. Chicken and salmon freeze well.
2. Be careful with breads


The Best Grilled Pizzas


Quick round of food trivia:

1. Where is the birthplace of pizza?

2. Where is the birthplace of grilled pizza?

While many of you might think the answers are one in the same, it might surprise you to find that they’re not. Although pizza originated in Naples,Italy, its grilled cousin was invented on a completely different continent. In fact, its birthplace is in the capital city of the smallest state in America.

In 1980, Johanna Killeen and George Germon introduced the culinary world to the grilled pizza by accident. At their Providence, Rhode Island restaurant Al Forno, the chefs …


The Best Vegetarian Meals to Serve to Carnivores

Last spring, I spent the semester living in the birthplace of the Renaissance: the city of Florence, Italy. My host mother was the sweetest, tiniest Italian woman, and, as could be expected, she was an incredible cook. At eight o’clock every evening, she would serve a delicious, two-course dinner beginning with some type of starch or grain, which was followed by a protein with assorted vegetables. Every meal at my host mom’s table reminded me of those Sunday mornings as a child spent with my Italian great grandmothers.

Although there were occasions when my host mother served something I …


8 Great Resolutions for 2012


Photo Credit: Isabella Cucchi

Last week, resolutions were all the buzz. But today, a week into the new year? Internet crickets. When the calendar changed from 2011 to 2012, many of us told ourselves that this new year would be different from the last. Time to finally start and stick to that diet; time to forget that guy who broke our heart six months ago; and time to get a 4.0 GPA in our classes. While there is nothing wrong with setting the bar high when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the unfortunate reality is that many …


The Best Ways to Stretch Your Stomach for Thanksgiving Indulgences


Julia Child once said, “Everything in moderation… including moderation.” While Julia meant this as a manta for everyday life, her words are perfect advice for those worried about the impending Thanksgiving holiday. With only a week to go, it is easy to become overwhelmed with thoughts of indulgence. Turkey and gravy, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie are not exactly the lightest fare; however, since such great food rarely makes its presence on the table, now is the time to enjoy the classic foods of the season. Really.


Top 5 Grocery Items to Buy Generic


If someone were ever to examine at my credit card bill, she would assume I was either Carrie Bradshaw or Giada de Laurentis. Shopping for shoes and food are two of my favorite things. Whether trying on ballet flats or exploring the cheese case at the market, I tend to get very excited and thus hand over my credit card having paid little attention to the price tags. It isn’t usually until the end of the month when I see my billing statement that I reconsider my spending.

Although my shoe habit cannot be contained, I have remedied my grocery store bills by making the simple switch to generic. While we all wish we could stock our pantries universally with high-quality ingredients, the unfortunate reality is that college budgets make it nearly impossible. Buying generic ingredients and getting creative with them in the kitchen is an easy way to save money.


5 Best Items to Steal From The Dining Hall (And Ways to Use Them All Week Long)


At least once or twice a week, I go food shopping. While some might imagine me pushing a cart through the aisles of a grocery store, these weekly trips take place in my dining hall. With Tupperware and plenty of zip-lock bags in tow, I scan through the buffet and the salad bar selections of the cafeteria to see what items I can smuggle outside the door in order to whip up creative, healthy meals in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Although I have heard stories about students who managed to leave Georgetown’s dining hall with a panini grill, …