Dining Hall Sustenance

cinnamon toast

College Comfort: Cinnamon Toast

grilled chicken with mashed sweet potato broccoli rabe apple butter mushrooms

Grilled Chicken with Apple Butter Mushrooms

Nothing dresses up an English Muffin like some cream cheese and lightly cooked fruit.

Honeyed Peaches on Buttered Toasted Crumpets

"Homemade" peanut sesame dressing tastes good on pretty much anything, even randomly heaped vegetables from the dining hall salad bar.

Broccoli Chicken Salad with "Homemade" Asian Peanut-Sesame Dressing


Traditional Bruschetta

cocoa cookie plum sundae

Cocoa Cookie Plum Sundae

cobb salad

Custom Cobb Salad

Roast beef with cornbread remake

Fancy Roast Beef with Cornbread

Cajun Pasta skc

Festive Cajun Chicken Pasta

Dining Hall DIY: Fresh Apple Crisp

Dining Hall Apple Crisp

Pack some protein and vitamins into your salad to get that extra push for finals-week.

Fruity Chicken Caesar Salad

olive oil ice cream skc

Gourmet Olive Oil Ice Cream Sundae

broccoli with chicken saladc

Jazzed Up Broccoli

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Le Gourmet Grilled Cheese


Le Parfait Parfait

Lucky Irish mashed potatoes with pork and green beans

Luck o' the Irish Mashed Potatoes

No need to bust your wallet on cheese fondue at a fancy restaurant when you've got a microwave, assorted raw veggies, and cheeses from the trusty ol' dining hall.

Microwave Cheese Fondue

A minute or so in the microwave turns an ordinary English muffin sandwich into a cheesy Muenster Muffin Melt.

Muenster Muffin Melt

pita pizza skc

Pita Pizza

rice krispies napoleon

Rice Krispies Banana Napoleon


Salad Gone Gourmet


Stuffing Inspired Panzanella


The Gobbler Sandwich

queso final

Dining Hall Quesadilla

The funnest part about making your own tuna dip is getting to scrounge around the cafeteria for flavorful ingredients.

Creamy Tuna Dip


Drunk Pasta with Cheese

fancy hummus

Fancy Hummus


Honey-Balsamic-Drizzled Vanilla Soft Serve with Pepitas


Grilled Cheese


Mediterranean Chicken Couscous

chip sandwiches

Potato Chip Sandwich

root beer float

Root Beer Float


Pomodoro Fresco Pasta Salad


Slow-Roasted Beef with Garden Vegetables, Kidney Beans, and Melted Cheese


Banana Ghosts


Open-Faced Peach-Maple-Mascarpone Sandwich for One


Bean N' Greens and Potato Quesadilla


Turkey Pepperjack Melts


Vegetarian Quinoa Taco Bowls