Beyond the Juice Cleanse: Best Ways to DIY Detox

I went through a bizarre health kick my senior year of high school. I became vegan, binged on yoga, and cut back on coffee. And to round out my salad stint, I decided to try a cleanse. I spent an absurd amount of money on fresh produce to make juice and spent five days of my life blending, straining, and drinking ground-up fruits and vegetables. I was promised nirvana – isn’t that what all those “enlightened” yoga-toned, manicured mommies at my studio claimed?

The only sort of liberation I felt was a sort of hunger-induced delirium. But my …

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5 Ways to Get Your Roommate to Stop Eating Your Food

I must confess that I have never had a problem with my roommates eating my food. Ever. (I’m knocking on wood as I write this) So, needless to say, I had little idea what to suggest. The only thing that comes to mind is to label everything and have each person have their own shelf. If that fails, give them food poisoning. The latter option seemed a little extreme, so I turned to my friends and asked them for some tried and true advice.

1. Psychoanalyze. Liz, the psychologist of the group and budding nurse, had to contend with this …

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How To: Be A Broke Vegan

Have you heard? Veganism is all the rage these days. It’s how Anne Hathaway got that bangin’ catsuit body, and how former President Bill Clinton saved his life and lost 20 pounds. It’s how I’ve eaten for three and a half years, with a few moments of weakness at fine restaurants and when dessert cravings strike. My mom and I read Skinny Bitch when I was in high school and decided to experiment with a plant-based diet, and we haven’t looked back! These days, it seems lots of conscious-minded friends are also giving veganism a whirl. Even my food hero

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The Best Dorm Room Meals

Cooking in a college dorm is certainly a challenge, but we’re here to tell you that making food in your dorm is way easier (and cheaper) than it seems. Here are 7 of our best dorm-friendly meals (some don’t even need an oven!) so you can come to school fully prepared. Plus, having food around always helps you make new friends.

(If you’ve arrived here from How Not to Look Like a Freshman–welcome! Eating well will help you avoid the freshman 15, one easy way not to appear like a freshman.)

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Oral Fixations: Eating to Taste Good

It’s true what they say: you are what you eat. Our diets have an incredible impact on every aspect of our lives. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables make us feel like energetic little kids, radiating positivity and eagerness for life. We develop a glow and look extra svelte. Too many sweets provide a brief thrill, but result in exhaustion, breakouts, and too much jiggle.

But what about our sex lives? Kids, the time has come for the title of this column to get the reverence it deserves. Oral sex. Woohoo!

Oral is just the best. It’s an …

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Healthy Homemade: Low-Sodium Chicken Stir Fry

In the months before my grandmother’s death, she was put on a strictly low (preferably no) sodium diet, as many people are. I quickly went through her fridge and discarded pretty much every ingredient she had: cottage cheese? Out. Cream cheese? Out. Chicken soup? Not on my watch. Everything, it seemed, was full of salt.

My grandma asked me to come over and help her develop a few low-sodium recipes so she didn’t have to eat plain pasta all the time. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter she ended up in the hospital for one final visit. Still, when I first …

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The Ultimate Grocery List

The prospect of cooking and finally transitioning away from industrialized dining room cuisine sounds wonderful…in theory.  In practice, for the inexperienced, time-strained college chef, obtaining and producing healthy meals is a significant undertaking.

In previous years I have made sporadic appearances at the grocery stores close to campus purchasing the odd Honeycrisp apple, baby carrots, milk, multiple pods of Greek yogurt…perhaps some chips or cookies.  My dorm room fridge was full of food….that could be eaten without preparation.  And actually, my freezer was full of frozen meatballs that instead of being consumed got frozen stuck until May when my …

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The 7 Healthiest Cereals To Eat Before Your 9am Class

Cereal is the optimal college breakfast food. Easy, quick, and healthful, cereals are great for low maintence groggy-eyed mornings before your 9am class. You do want to be sure to choose cereals that are low in sugar (that’s the most important thing), and high in fiber if you can stand it. Cereal’s also a good afternoon or late-night snack, especially when you’ve got a lot of studying on your plate. Here are the yummiest and most nourishing cereals to eat!

1. Homemade granola. By making granola yourself, you are exactly aware of the ingredients in your cereal. You can …

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Look Ma, No Oven! No-Bake Peanut Butter Balls

I have a sweet tooth. In fact, it runs in my family. My sister and I joke that everyone in my family has two stomachs: one for dessert, and one for everything else. Chocolate is our favorite food group. I kid you not.

So as you can imagine, I believe dessert is quite important. Don’t get me wrong, eating healthy is a central part of my lifestyle (fruits and veggies are my second favorite food group), but I am a firm believer that splurging on something sweet every once in a while is good for your mental and, occasionally, emotional …

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The 5 Best Foods to Eat Before You Drink

We’ve all been there.

You’re at your favorite sports bar sharing a pitcher with your friends, when all of a sudden, after tasting the salt on your lips from the tequila shot five minutes earlier, it hits you and you realize: holy mother, I’m really really drunk. Thoughts run through your head. How did this happen so quickly? I have a 9am seminar tomorrow. I need pizza. Is it just me, or does Charlie/Jesse/Blair look smoking hot tonight?

Once you rack up a certain number of tequila shots in a given hour, there may be no hope for you, not …

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