Spring Break Adventures: Hilton Head, South Carolina

O.K. so maybe in my wildest dreams I would have spent my last official spring break on a balmy beach in the greek islands, stuffing myself full of grilled fish drenched in olive oil and fluffy, fresh pita bread covered in tzatziki. I would have lounged in a horizontal recline all day long, and spent the warm spring evenings dancing to bad Euro-pop music. I would have have more or less re-lived the spring break trip I took to Greece last year minus the two days spent in hectic Athens and the plethora of cheap Ryanair flights suffered through in …

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Nutrition and Health Tip: Easy Face Masks

Ever had that wonderful face bloat after a night of drinking and/or consuming an entire tray of cookies. No? Just me? Well in my defense, a girl only turns 21 once.

Anyways, sometimes after any of those things or just a night of not much sleep, your face is looking a little less than prime and possibly a bit puffy. Especially during the winter, when the dry air leaves your skin a little lackluster. But thankfully for you, with each year that I live in Santa Cruz, I become a bit more hippier and a lot more crunchy …

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How To: Navigate A Double Date

In December, when I was still studying abroad in France, my best friend Emilie (who is French) came to visit me at the end of my program. We went to Marmande, France, where her grandparents live. The last thing I thought we would be filling our days with was a double date. Initially, I was excited when Emilie told me about the idea. But then I realized that I was going on a date with two young French men who spoke very little English, and since I have the French speaking skills of a five year old, I had …

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Spoonfuls of Peanut Butter and Other “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat

When I was about one week into my freshman year of college, I remember thinking that I had finally discovered the way to a Jessica Biel body. If I had a diet soda for breakfast, a salad bar lunch, a few scoops of peanut butter for protein during the day, and then only drank on the weekends, I would be seeing washboard abs in NO time.
Six months and 40 pounds later, I was was staring at my muffin top and wondering what had gone wrong.
I had fallen into that trap to which so many students succumb: I had …

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College Town Tours: The Best of Waterville, Maine

Miller Library on Colby College Campus

Located an hour and a half north of Portland, Maine, the city of Waterville is located in Kennebec county, and is home to Colby College and Thomas College. So what is there really to do in rural Maine besides hunting, eating bluberries, and camping in the summer? To be quite honest, not a whole lot. But for a population of 15,000, Waterville has quite an eclectic mix of restaurants and stores that really show off Maine’s charm. Lets skip the Walmart on Waterville Commons Drive and dive into the list of the need-to-go places …

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