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Alexia Detweiler Alexia Detweiler

Alexia Detweiler is a freelance food writer based in Lancaster, Pa. She married her high school sweetheart in June 2011 and has been using him as a guinea pig for her cooking since. Her newest cooking phase is the Paleo diet (caveman's diet), but she still leaves room for the occasional chocolate chip cookie. When she's not in the kitchen, Lexi can be found sweating it out in Bikram yoga class or beating the crap out of a heavy bag at boxing, depending on her mood.


Most Worthwhile Class: Soc 119: Race Relations

Best Breakfast: Swedish Oatmeal Pancakes with Bananas from the former Wish You Were Here

Tastiest Travel Experience: Belgian frites with sauce Brasil

Culinary Pet Peeve: dull knives

Ideal Date Meal: sushi, you can’t get anything stuck in your teeth (so tried and true it was served at her wedding!)
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Alexis ZK Alexis ZK

Alexis Zimba-Kirby studies French and Food at New York University, and secretly longs to return home to Iowa City or run away to Paris. With past experience as a line-cook, cupcake counter girl, and food justice advocate, she is currently re-routing herself through sustainable agriculture. She loves travel, dinner parties, ballroom dancing, and foodie adventures and creates tasting menus in the shower.

Most Worthwhile Class: In Search of Lost Time (reading all of Proust in onesemester)

Culinary Pet Peeve: Bad knife skills.You are going to chop your finger off.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Living with a host family in the South of France.

Best Breakfast: Helplessly addicted to crunchy, grain-based cereal.

Late-Night Indulgence: Peanut Butter anything, preferably with chocolate.
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Alex Milling Alex Milling

Alex Milling graduated from Northwestern University where she studied Math and Economics. In high school, as a cashier at Whole Foods Market, she developed a passion for all things food-related. Beyond cooking and exploring ethnic cuisine in Chicago, she cheers on the Northwestern football team, runs, attends concerts, and travels.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Hot Cookie Bar (what beats a massive tray of half-cooked chocolate chip cookie dough?)

Favorite Healthful Food: Coffee (scientific reports suggest the coffee offers benefits against diseases such as diabetes and cancer)

Tastiest Travel Experience: Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece. Monastiraki is famous for Souvlaki. This tender and spicy pork with taztziki, tomatoes, onions, and fries is served in a warm pita and will make your mouth water.

Most Viable Hangover Cure: Kambucha (fermented tea first brewed in Russia)

Best Breakfast: Tie between Crème Brulee French Toast and Egg McMuffins
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Bethany Imondi Bethany Imondi

Bethany Imondi is a junior at Georgetown University, double majoring in English and Government. After having spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, she has a newfound appreciation for “l’arte di non fare niente,” the art of doing nothing. Besides hunting for the perfect cappuccino and cooking in her tiny on-campus apartment, she enjoys hot yoga sessions, reading Ernest Hemingway and anything with Brie cheese.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Boeuf Bourguignon

Culinary Pet Peeve: Pasta cooked past “al dente

Daytime Indulgence: Frozen yogurt topped with mangoes, strawberries and granola

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: The first time I tried to make pancakes for my sister and myself, I took out my family’s griddle pan, and without thinking about it, I attempted to cook the pancakes on the ridged side of the pan. As I unsuccessfully tried to flip the pancakes, the smoke alarm started blaring. Needless to say, now anytime I make pancakes there is a spatula in one hand for flipping and a broom in the other, just in case I need to silence the alarm.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Montespertoli in Florence, Italy. During my time abroad in Italy, my Molecular Gastronomy class took a field trip to the small municipality in Florence for a cooking class taught by an Italian couple. The husband and wife guided our group of nearly twenty students through all the steps of making fresh pasta and ravioli, handmade gnocchi, stuffed pork loin and tiramisu. Despite the nearly three hours it took to complete the meal, the delicious food and satisfied stomach proved that cooking is worth all its efforts.
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Brette Warshaw Brette Warshaw


Brette Warshaw is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is a student in European history, creative writing, and jazz studies. A proud food nerd, she works doing research with Penn professors, studying things like ethnic foodways in West Philadelphia and chocolate consumption in China. She will be eating her way through Rome during the fall semester, leaving a wake of empty plates, flabbergasted waiters, and ripped skinny jeans behind her.





Best Party Theme: The Big Lebowski. Complete with white Russians, bowling, and, of course, dudes.





Culinary Pet Peeve: Anything referred to as “medallions.”





Best Meal You’ve Ever Cooked: Rhubarb upside-down cake, banana bread, and chcolate-espresso cookies. All delightfully under the loose heading known as “brunch.”





Late-Night Indulgence: Brownie batter, lightly sautéed.




Tastiest Travel Experience: Visiting a water buffalo farm in Cliento, Italy, where I explored the bounty that is bufala: bufala mozzarella, bufala ricotta, bufala yogurt, bufala gelato, and, the kicker: bufala chocolate pudding.
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Brooke Elmlinger Brooke Elmlinger

Brooke Elmlinger is a native New Yorker who brings her foodie charm all the way up to Dartmouth, where she studies French language and literature. After witnessing her parents’ first dinner party, she discovered her inner hostess and has been cooking for her friends and sisters ever since. As much as she loves trail runs and cozy coffee shops in Hanover, she’s an urbanite at heart, and is caught in a love affair between New York and Paris. She digs things like kale and quinoa, but can’t refuse a salty sweet combo, and has a soft spot for coffee-oreo ice cream.

Ideal Date Meal: shared small plates, wine, and a bittersweet chocolate dessert

Favorite Healthful Food: Kale salad with pecorino, olive oil and lemon

Late-Night Indulgence: Cereal mash-up, equal parts honey bunches of oats, cracklin’ oat bran and kasha heart to heart

Tastiest Travel Experience: Discovering that ‘gnudi’ is not a misspelling of gnocchi, and devouring those pillows of goodness when in Tuscany.

Signature Cocktail: Anything with ginger woos me (some would call me a ginge, I prefer strawberry blonde)
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Brynn Cahalan Brynn Cahalan

Brynn Cahalan is a graduate of UC Irvine, studying Business Economics and Digital Arts. A true city girl, she enjoys expanding her culinary palette by exploring new restaurants, especially back home in Los Angeles. When she’s not blogging about healthy recipes or producing cooking videos, she’s staying fit through Pilates and kickboxing. Although still on the quest for her dream job, she does know one thing: food will be involved.

Favorite Healthful Food: Avocados, hands down. I can eat them every day without getting sick of them!

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Slicing my finger on a mandoline slicer during the filming of my cooking web series. I was so focused on wrapping up an episode before the sun went down (it’s all about having that natural sunlight!) that I forgot to use the safety guard. Luckily, I was able to hitch a ride to the campus health center five minutes before it closed. I had to stay away from cooking for a few weeks to avoid infecting my stitches! Let’s just say I am more than careful around sharp objects in the kitchen now.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Create-Your-Own Panini

Most Worthwhile Class: Biology and Chemistry of Food and Cooking. Even though I took it to fulfill a GE requirement, learning the perfect proportions for baking different cookie textures was so useful. I even learned how to make cheese from scratch. How cool is that?

Late-Night Indulgence: Homemade ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies (hot out of the oven, of course) and Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream
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Candice Allouch Candice Allouch

Candice Allouch is a junior at American University majoring in International Relations and Psychology. Born in France before moving to sunny Miami, Florida she has no small repertoire of delectable international goodies. She started college without any cooking pizazz (burning toast was her specialty), but after a long fight with her (now) adored measuring utensils, baking and cooking have become favorite pastimes, especially anything when they involve cheese (and lots of it)!

Most Worthwhile Class: Social Psychology (a man’s stomach is a great way to his heart, but there are other tips and tricks as well!)

Culinary Pet Peeve: When hot oil droplets jump out of the pan and onto your arms (ouch)!

Favorite Healthful Food: Dried fruit and nut trail mix!

Greatest Kitchen Disasters: Getting locked in the dorm lounge with a naked man while mixing cookie batter with my best friend (he wouldn’t leave without a cookie)…

Daytime Indulgence: “Maron-Sui’s” (hazelnut mousse) from French supermarkets
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Cara Cara

Cara is a co-founder of Big Girls, Small Kitchen. Her first New York apartment was in a dreary East Village walk-up, and it was the first place where she got to embrace the freedom of cooking for herself. In college, she made chocolate bark for herself and her friends in her dorm room microwave which lived, grossly, in the bathroom.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Overbuttered Toast

Favorite Kitchen Object: Sunbeam Handheld Mixer

Favorite Kitchen Task: Creaming Butter and Sugar

Favorite Cocktail: Whisky on the Rocks

Favorite Potluck Theme: Dishes Based on Magazine Articles
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Caroline Ariail Caroline Ariail

Caroline Ariail is a senior at the University of Georgia where she studies journalism. She hopes to pursue a career in writing and dreams of working with a magazine. At the age of ten, she began watching Martha Stewart who inspired her to develop her love for baking by creating miniature desserts in her Easy-Bake Oven. In college, Caroline has become passionate about health and fitness as she is an avid runner who drinks wheatgrass every morning.

Most Worthwhile Class: Intro to Journalism

Best Party Theme: Kentucky Derby Party, complete with Hot Browns, Derby Pie, and Mint Juleps

Favorite Healthful Food: Sweet potatoes

Daytime Indulgence: Nutella

Best Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter and chia seeds
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Cherry on Top Cherry on Top

Cherry On Top is a senior majoring in Business at a university in the South. She enjoys running, drinking too much beer, sex, yoga, and sarcasm. Her favorite foods are chocolate, strawberries, and Indian food. She likes her men to be beautiful awkward weirdos, but isn’t too picky. If she were an animal she would be a pelican.

Ideal Date Meal: A heavenly pasta dish. Garlic kisses are the best.

Signature Cocktail: Pimm’s Cup

Late-Night Indulgence: Cereal

Best Party Theme: Burlesque

Most Viable Hangover Cure: Lazy morning sex

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Chloe Carter Brown Chloe Carter Brown

Chloe Carter Brown is a graduate of Williams College, where she majored in Religion, Arabic, and Netflix. She has since moved to New York to pursue her lifelong dream of paying $7 for a cup of coffee. When not trying out new recipes to sneak cheese into other food, she writes plays and plays with her corgi, Hobbes.

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Cheez-its

Favorite Healthful Food: Greek Yogurt

Tastiest Travel Experience: Koshary, the most delicious and garlicy carbo-load of my Egyptian life.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Brunch Night

Best Party Theme: Nicolas Cage's Birthday. We printed movie posters, rented a projector, played National Treasure on one of the walls, and served root beer and Goldschlager (you know, for the little floating treasure bits inside).
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Christine Johnson Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson is a senior at NYU where she saves money living in a tiny off campus apartment and redirects the funds toward sustainable meals. She is President of the Community Agriculture Club, writes about on-campus sustainability for NYU Local, and loves cooking with the fruit of her labor. She aspires to diversify and slow down US food systems and food culture by making urban and community agriculture more viable, accessible and fun!

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Veggie Chips

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Molchakani (Mole + Chole + Makhani)

Late-Night Indulgence: Homemade Fudge Brownies

Tastiest Travel Experience: Paris (Almond Croissants, Crepes, Onion Soup, Oh My!)

Best Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Pancakes Topped with Berries and Drenched in Maple Syrup with a Buttered, Toasted English Muffin On The Side. Yummm.
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Chrysanthe Peteros Chrysanthe Peteros

Chrysanthe Peteros is a senior at Smith College and just one semester away from completing a BA in Italian Language and Literature: a choice not fully understood (yet accepted) by her Greek-American family.  She shares an off-campus apartment with her best friend and spends her time outside of class buried in her thesis research. To unwind, she enjoys long walks, bad television, and good beer.

Favorite Healthful Food: Hummus, without question. Preferably accompanied by carrots, but I will eat it by the spoonful. It must be the Greek in me.

Most Viable Hangover: Cure Sleep, water, and saltines. Whatever you do: do not drink coffee. Seriously.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: While still getting used to the stove in my current apartment, I accidentally turned the wrong burner on and nearly burnt the bottom of a brand new pan. Oh yes, and I also did it again to a teapot which still bears a rather impressive scar.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Italy. All of it. I studied in Florence for a year and lived in a home-stay. Everything was good whether prepared by my host-mother or enjoyed while exploring the country. Highlights: pappa al pomodoro in Florence, pizza and swordfish in Sicily, meatballs in Verona, fresh sardines and octopus in Amalfi, and gelato pretty much anywhere.

Signature Cocktail Gin and Tonic. Because I’m classy.
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College Lifestyles College Lifestyles See all 4 posts by College Lifestyles
Emily Olsson Emily Olsson

Emily Olsson is a recent graduate of Colgate University.  She studied International Relations and Art History, and when she wasn’t in the library or Slices, she volunteered at the Friendship Inn and with the Colgate Hunger Outreach Program (CHOP).  She plans real and imaginary parties for friends when she is bored/procrastinating, and she also loves to bake cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc.

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Peanut M&Ms

Culinary Pet Peeve: Picky Eaters

Favorite Healthful Food: Craisins

Late-Night Indulgence: Chocolate-Chip Cookies (but this goes for pretty much any time of day or night)

Tastiest Travel Experience: It’s a tie between a dinner my family had at Quatre Gats in Barcelona, and the pesto gnocchi that I used to get at this small mom and pop store by my apartment in Venice.
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Hannah Doolin Hannah Doolin

Hannah Doolin is a senior at Syracuse University where she studies Magazine Journalism and Psychology. She hails from Beverly Hills, Michigan where she learned to ski at the age of 3, and she now races on the varsity ski team at SU. When she's not skiing or writing, you can find her watching Top Chef, stalking Anthony Bourdain or trying out new recipes with her five lovely roommates.

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Sour Patch Kids

Favorite Dining Hall Food: chicken nugget day!

Late-Night Indulgence: Mrs. T's potato and cheddar pierogies with sauteed onions

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: burning a funfetti cake in my French host-mom's kitchen because I forgot about the metric system and set the temp at 200 degrees celcius

Tastiest Travel Experience: eating Raclette in Strasbourg, France (gooey melted cheese poured over potatoes, meats, cornichons, etc.)
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Hayley Daen Hayley Daen

Hayley Daen is a sophomore at the University of St Andrews, where she studies the most useless of subjects, Latin. She lives in a dinky apartment right across from Tesco, which makes throwing impromptu tea parties a snap. She loves blue-and-white striped shirts and has an (almost certainly unhealthy) obsession with Christmas.

Favorite Healthful Food: Roasted asparagus

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: When, at a Korean friend’s house in middle school, I accidentally splashed a teaspoon or two of fish sauce instead of vanilla into a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Best Party Theme: Mario Party. Because who doesn’t want to party with Donkey Kong and Toad?

Late-Night Indulgence: Cheesy chips from Empire

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Sausages!
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Hillary Pollak Hillary Pollak

Hillary Pollak is a junior at New York University, where she is majoring in sustainable food and alternative health. She is currently taking a break from the city, studying sustainability in Copenhagen. When not cooking or reading cookbooks, she can be found doing handstands or twisting into crazy yoga positions. She is known for her healthy dinners and (un)healthy pastries, but is now learning to bake without gluten.

Best Breakfast: A bowl of peaches, berries, and Greek yogurt with honey on top.

Late-Night Indulgence: A banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Culinary Pet Peeve: Processed cheese slices—why bother?

Favorite Healthful Food: Kale. It just happens to be the hip leafy green.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: When I was new to cooking, I tried to reduce apple cider for a sauce and ended up with a kitchen full of smoke and a visit from the fire department. I’m still a little wary of reducing things.
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Ian Rice Ian Rice

Ian Rice is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he lives in a house right off of Langdon Street with ten of his closest friends. He is working hard to complete his major in history and figure out what he is going to do after college. When he is not at home catching up on his favorite TV shows, he can often be found at the gym playing basketball.

Signature Cocktail: Jameson and ginger ale.

Late-Night Indulgence: Sabras Latinas (three steak tacos with everything on them)

Tastiest Travel Experience: Marrakesh, Morocco. In the center of the city at Djemaa el Fna Square there are unbelievable food stands. It was the most delicious grilled eggplant and lamb chops I have ever had.

Favorite Item from the Library Vending Machine: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Best Breakfast: A homemade waffle topped with whipped cream and strawberries.
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Jen Cantin Jen Cantin

Jen Cantin is a 2011 graduate of Clark University who majored in English and Journalism and moved to Philly just ‘cause. Her least favorite but most used cooking ingredient is cat hair. Next is cumin, which smells like feet. She is a good person because she flosses multiple times a week and sometimes recycles batteries. If these things entice you to the max, check her out on Deep Fried Epiphany and twitter.

Best Breakfast: Anything smothered in the natural miracle of a gooey, delicious egg yolk

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Bacon and spinach alfredo pizza. They nailed it so hard.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Fried chicken dinner with fudgesicles for dessert

Ideal Date Meal: Chocolate chip pancakes, for some reason

Culinary Pet Peeve: Dry, gigantic, calorie-wasting sub rolls
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Johanna Caruthers Johanna Caruthers

Johanna Caruthers is a senior studying English Literature at McDaniel College. Being a picky eater, she started cooking and baking after realizing that the only thing she enjoyed at the dining hall was the cereal bar.  Throwing dinner parties has become her new obsession, among the already lengthy list that includes fashion magazines, writing poetry, modernism, dinosaurs, Mad Men, and typography. She balances out her insatiable sweet tooth with yoga.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Homemade Twix Bars: crumbly shortbread, over-salted caramel, and burnt chocolate.

Ideal Date Meal: A Jim Dandy sundae, with scoops of strawberry, chocolate chip, peanut butter, cinnamon, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream, topped with whipped cream, bananas, and rainbow sprinkles.

Signature Cocktail: A gin and tonic always makes me feel like a member at Jay Gatsby’s party.

Best Breakfast: When I went abroad, I fell in love with the traditional English breakfast, blood sausage and all!

Daytime Indulgence: Any type of fancy coffee beverage, complete with a large dollop of whipped cream and delicious syrup drizzles.
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Juliana Barton Juliana Barton

Juliana Barton is a recent graduate of the University of Virginia, where she earned a "practical" degree in Art History and American Studies. In college, she avoided the dining hall by playing lunch lady in her own kitchen, complete with fajita night and the occasional Sunday sundae. Now a New Yorker, she works at the Center for Architecture by day, and is slowly making her way through her to-cook list by night. She would do just about anything for a perfect gin and tonic and a chance to meet Tina Fey (ideally together).

Most Worthwhile Class: The Art of Disney.



Favorite Healthful Food: Quinoa.

Late-Night Indulgence: Gooey Cheesy Quesadillas.

Best Breakfast: English muffins + goat cheese + blackberry jam + turkey sausage+ eggs+ hollandaise = the Hungry Norman.

Signature Cocktail: Gin and tonic with smashed cherries and extra lime.




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Julie Sophonpanich Julie Sophonpanich

Julie Sophonpanich is a senior at Brown University majoring in History of Art and Architecture. She has recently moved out of Buxton International House where she cooked weekly family meals with her house members. She now lives off-campus, dangerously close to Ben & Jerry's, with her housemate, Zoe, and is very excited about having her very own kitchen! Julie enjoys cooking, hosting dinner parties, strolling through grocery stores, and traveling to sample scrumptious foreign foods.


Favorite Healthful Food: Green apples dipped in almond butter and honey

Late-Night Indulgence: Warm peanut butter cookies and very cold milk (whole milk, of course!)

Culinary Pet Peeve: Not having enough light while cooking

Tastiest Travel Experience: Italian bruschetta with cherry tomatoes freshly picked from the garden on Fiesole's hillside with a view of Florence below

Signature Cocktail: amaretto sour with extra cherries on top
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Kara Lindsey Kara Lindsey

Kara Lindsey is a senior at the University of Texas Austin where she studies Film and Television.  She is best known for her comedic digital shorts, for saving a litter of kittens in a Mexico border-town, and for her mad cupcake baking skills.  Most of all, she loves spending time exploring the outdoors-in beautiful Austin, TX.

Most Worthwhile Class: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Best Party Theme: It's a tie between 90s Grunge Party and Mustache & Lingerie Party-where you can either wear lingerie or a fake mustache. Most girls wear both.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: I was not thinking clearly and I put a baked potato wrapped in tin foil in the school microwave. Apparently tin foil is a metal and you can't put metal in the microwave.

Tastiest Travel Experience: When I was studying abroad in Prague our documentary professor made our class a homemade meal one night. He served us fresh mozzarella with basil and tomato and a pasta to die for!  Also there was a cafe in Prague that sold the tastiest Almond chocolate coffee!

Favorite Healthful Food: Grapefruit.
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Katharine Verville Katharine Verville

Katharine Verville is a senior at Bowdoin College, where she studies Romance Languages and Art History. She spent her junior year indulging in delicious food (and doing a little studying) in Lyon, France and Bologna, Italy - two world culinary capitals. Katharine lives in a house with ten other girls and one boy and, when she's not struggling through a French novel, enjoys feeding them baked goods and family dinners.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Chicken

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Vegan nuggets with BBQ sauce (better than chicken!)

Tastiest Travel Experience: Dim sum in Hong Kong

Hangover Cure: BAGELS

Best Breakfast: BAGELS
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Katherine Kies Katherine Kies

Katherine Kies is a senior at Cornell University where she is completing her major in Hotel Administration with a concentration in Hospitality Design. She lives in a dilapidated house in Collegetown with 15 other girls. When she is not camping out at the Hotel School, where she works a variety of random jobs and cooks as much as possible, she is working her way through the list of 161 Things to do Before You Graduate from Cornell with her house mates. She loves to run, bake and try out any random gym class.

Most Worthwhile Class: Business Computing – sounds boring, but most useful computer skills ever! Food and Wine Pairing is also an essential life class – it is just what it sounds like.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Well I prefer baking, so chocolate croissant bread pudding with crème anglaise. Served hot, not at room temperature!

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Mongo Bar – a stir fry and lo mein bar…..what could be better?

Best Party Theme: A.B.C. Anything But Clothes (Think random house hold materials made into dresses – Pokemon Cards, Gift Bags, Loofas, etc..)

Tastiest Travel Experience: Positano, Italy – Cherry Tomatoes that you could eat by the pound any time of the day and served on pasta, pizza, or by themselves. There was also Burrata cheese that was made in the town by the locals. The combination was heavenly and could not have been fresher.
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Katie Brossman Katie Brossman

Katie Brossman is a senior at Johns Hopkins University where she lives in a “shabby chic” (read: old) off-campus Baltimore apartment and studies creative writing. She spends her time procrastinating from her schoolwork by baking delicious goodies to blog about and feed her happy friends. She has a potentially serious addiction to Sriracha, loves hot yoga and spends an excessive amount of time daydreaming about her next trip abroad.

Late night indulgence: granola + milk + chocolate chips

Tastiest travel experience: eating Florence

Best breakfast: toasted everything bagel with cream cheese, lox and tomato

Culinary pet peeve: anything bland– I’m half Korean; my food needs to have flavor!

Greatest kitchen disaster: 2 tablespoons curry powder instead of 2 teaspoons...
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Kelsey Brown Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown is a senior at the University of San Diego where she studies International Relations. Originally from Nor Cal, she now calls downtown San Diego home and enjoys running, biking, volunteering, learning the rules of baseball, scoping out neighborhood coffee shops, getting up the courage to use her hot yoga license as a source of income, and making friends with local farmers. Kelsey is a master at using all of her (few) dishes in creating healthy recipes for her friends and family. She lives, loves, writes, and cooks by the motto: “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

Most Worthwhile Class: Buddhism

Best Breakfast: Green “monster” smoothies

Tastiest Travel Experience: Riding bikes in the rain through the fields of an organic family farm in  Hoi An, Vietnam. We picked herbs and vegetables for making fresh spring rolls and Bún bò Huế.

Late-Night Indulgence: Medjool Dates stuffed with cinnamon sugar almonds

Signature Cocktail: I’ll have what Oprah’s having, a Moscow Mule please
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Kelsey Krasnigor Kelsey Krasnigor

Kelsey Krasnigor is a junior at UC Santa Cruz, where she lives by the beach, studies film, and gets her fill of hugging trees. She is a lover of all things food and spends copious amounts of time walking through grocery stores. She recently studied in Paris, where she studied chocolate and the art of stripes, and ate her body weight in cheese.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Cereal Melange (which is a classy way of saying "a huge bowl of random cereals")


Most Viable Hangover Cure: Bacon and bacon with a side of bacon. Bacon can cure all.


Late Night Indulgence: Can neither confirm or deny eating entire jars of almond butter


Best Breakfast: Pumpkin waffles and bacon. Did I already mention my love of bacon?


Best Party Theme: 90s! Any excuse to pull out my Spice Girls shirt.
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Kendra Vaculin Kendra Vaculin

Kendra Vaculin is a junior from the San Francisco Bay Area majoring in Theatre and English at Northwestern University.  When not experimenting with quinoa in her off-campus apartment kitchen, she is dancing to Christmas music in her living room (year round) with her phenomenal roommates.  Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" is a staple.  She also writes the fashion and food blog North South East Dressed.

Favorite Healthful Food: Eclectic smoothies.

Late Night Indulgence: ICE CREAM.

Best Breakfast: My mom’s blueberry pancakes.

Most Worthwhile Class: The Video Essay, a really cool documentary-style short film making class, for which my final project was, duh, about eating.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Cow’s tongue in Tokyo…just kidding it was COW’S TONGUE.  Real talk: the pasta carbonara I ate on a family vacation in Rome.  UGH still full.
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Kenzie Zimmer Kenzie Zimmer

Mackenzie Zimmer is a Media Studies major at Carleton College, where she has grown to love Minnesota winters and Mid-western bar cookies (both require layers.) While abroad, she blogged about the bourgeoning international cupcake trend, justifying all “research” along the way. Besides being hopelessly obsessed with Scandinavia, Sriracha, and stout, she sings in an a-capella group and cooks weekly dinners at Carleton’s Culinary House. She photographs and writes about food at After Hours.

Daytime Indulgence: Homemade caramel, or half a cantaloupe filled with cottage cheese & honey.

Best Party Theme: Stone Soup & Beer Luck: everyone brings a six-pack and a vegetable for the soup pot. At the end of the night you’ve sampled several brews and end up with a delicious dinner.

Ideal Date Meal: Something we cook together, which is half the fun. Fresh food such as colorful salads, seafood, or anything with tomatoes. Wine is a must.

Favorite Healthful Food: Chia seeds, the hairy 90’s pet turned modern super-food! I put them in my oatmeal or use them to make chocolate chia pudding.

Tastiest Travel Experience: A tie between never-ending sushi at the top of the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen and the first time I had Guinness from an Irish tap, which was almost a religious experience.











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Kia Mosenthal Kia Mosenthal

Kia Mosenthal is a senior at Brown University, where she enjoys “window dining” at all of the gourmet Providence restaurants that she can never afford.  She worked as an intern for EatingWell Magazine this summer, an experience that inspired her to pursue a lucrative career in food journalism.  She can often be found power walking down Thayer St. (or riding her bike when she becomes too impatient with lollygagging college students).

Tastiest Travel Experience: Chocolate festival in Bologna, Italy.

Best Breakfast: A hot bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon…it never gets old!

Favorite healthful food: Butternut squash

Greatest kitchen disaster: Throwing water on a falafel fire—they aren’t joking when they say oil and water do NOT mix.

Ideal Date Meal: Anything he pays for.
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Lauren Townsend Lauren Townsend

Lauren Townsend is a senior at Elon University where she studies journalism and strategic communications, while struggling to figure out what she wants to do after graduation. She loves trying new things and hopes to one day move to the west coast. Lauren is always in the mood for burritos, veggie burgers and big salads. She also enjoys doing yoga, planning anything and meeting new people.

Favorite Healthful Food: Strawberries

Best Breakfast: Chocolate chip banana pancakes

Late-Night Indulgence: Chips and queso

Signature Cocktail: Strawberry vodka and lemonade

Culinary Pet Peeve: So much salad dressing that it takes away the flavors of the salad
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Lexi Cotcamp Lexi Cotcamp

Lexi Cotcamp attended Georgetown University, where she studied International Business & Management and French.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: 5-Course dinner with my two best friends

Ideal Date Meal: Skip straight to dessert

Straight from the Fridge: Pizza

The Food I Eat Every Day: Peanut Butter

Best Meal: Breakfast in bed (duh)
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Lily Lily

Lily Bellow graduated in 2009 from Harvard University with an admittedly useless degree in English Literature. While in college, she bartended and cooked at the campus pub, and as a result has a difficult time eating chicken wings. She enjoys martinis, Thanksgiving, miniature baked goods, HBO, and lemon poppyseed cake. She's also Small Kitchen College's Managing Editor!

Ideal Date Meal: Homemade Pizza and Prosecco.

Culinary Pet Peeve: Overdone eggs or meat; vegans.

Daytime Indulgence: Whipped cream.

Late-Night Indulgence: Whipped cream.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Go to Amsterdam. Go to Nieuwmarkt square. Go to a place called Gewecht. Order the Gewecht sandwich. Thank me later.
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Lucy Dana Lucy Dana

Lucy Dana is a junior at Duke University, studying Anthropology, Environmental Science, and Business.  She is currently spending the semester in Cape Town, South Africa, where she is trying to muster up the courage to conquer the world’s highest bungee jump.  She’s worked in restaurants for the past three summers in her hometown of D.C. When not indulging in her guilty pleasure of reality TV, she enjoys good friends, good laughs, and obviously, good food.

Culinary Pet Peeve: unnecessary mayo

Tastiest Travel Experience: making pies with straight-off-the-bush blueberries in the Adirondacks

Best Breakfast: Challah French Toast with good maple syrup




Best Party Theme: any Duke Tailgate, it’s Halloween every Saturday—anything goes!

Daytime Indulgence: strawberries and Nutella
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Maria Russo Maria Russo

Maria Russo is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University, majoring in English. Originally from an Italian-American family in southeast Michigan, she spent the first three years of college searching (to no avail) for any way at all to make pasta without a stove. Finally having access to more than a microwave, Maria enjoys cooking classic Italian dishes and baking chocolate or red velvet anything.

Best Meal I’ve Ever Cooked: Giada’s Sun-Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Pasta, with fried pickles being a very close second.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Nacho Bar, with extra salsa and guacamole if Wanda will let me.

Best Party Theme: Candy Land.

Daytime Indulgence: Mango Smoothie from Barnard’s Liz’s Place Café.

Culinary Pet Peeve: That last little piece of garlic peel that just will not come off.
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Megumi Sasada Megumi Sasada


Megumi Sasada is graduate of Colby College in Waterville, ME and is now working at an ad agency in NYC. Her whole family groans when she nears the couch because they all know she's going straight to the Food Network or tivoed Giada At Home. An acapella singer, flautist, pianist, and failed guitarist, Megumi is passionate about music as well as food. She's health conscious and likes to stay in shape. 

Favorite Healthful Food: Frozen fruits. Banans, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, mango, peaches- so many choices! If you blend it with some milk, pour into a bowl and let it freeze over again you've got yourself some delicious ice cream. You can top it with coconuts and chocolate too!

Tastiest Travel Experience: Baklava in Greece or B'stilla in Morocco. It's a toss up. Ooh, but that ravioli in Rome was unbelievable. This is an impossible question...

Best Breakfast: Greek yogurt topped with dried cherries and blueberries and homemade granola



Favorite Dining Hall Food: Miso BBQ chicken in Foss Dining Hall with sesame peanut noodles 

Most Worthwhile Class: Biology of Woman. Yes they made us watch birthing videos...


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Melissa Tovin Melissa Tovin

Melissa Tovin is a junior at Brown University. At Brown, she is studying mechanical engineering but is about to jet off to Paris for the spring semester, where she will do nothing of the sort. Prior to coming to Brown she worked as a tour guide at Fenway Park and is still an extremely committed Red Sox fan.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: sweet potato fries

Favorite Healthful Food: Kale with lemon

Late-Night Indulgence: GIANT double chocolate cookies from Meeting Street Café in Providence

Tastiest Travel Experience: Breakfast overlooking the water on Santorini in the Greek islands, best meal and view of my life

Signature Cocktail: dirty martini straight up
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Phoebe Phoebe

Phoebe is a co-founder of Big Girls, Small Kitchen. She graduated from Brown University in 2007 with a BA in Urban Studies, which she has clearly made excellent use of in her current career. At the time, she lived in a ramshackle off-campus house with seven girls, and numerous other housemates, also known as vermin. Today, Phoebe lives in Flatiron, with one of her old college housemates, Caitlin, and she loves hosting dinner parties, no matter how large.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Chicken Finger Friday!

Best Party Theme: Middle School (think NSync, camp T-shirts, and braces)

Late-Night Indulgence: Cecilia’s Deep Dish Pizza (ordered by the pie, not slice)

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Shattering an entire Pyrex pan while making Passover Brisket.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Gubbio, Italy. Truffles are a specialty in this little Umbrian town, and I had a 5-course lunch where instead of coming around with fresh Parmesan to grate on top of your dish, they offered shaved truffles.
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Priya Krishna Priya Krishna

Priya Krishna is a senior at Dartmouth College, where she studies Government and French.  Her love of food began at age four, when she decided she would rather have the portabella mushroom ravioli than the kid’s cheese pizza at the Olive Garden.  She writes a food column for her college newspaper, in which each week, she comes up with a gourmet dish that can be made with ingredients only found in Dartmouth dining halls. Her hobbies include Bollywood dance, journalism, and eating copious amounts of Reese's minis.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: I tried roasting almonds once and nearly set my apartment on fire.

Best Breakfast: My mother’s chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup.

Ideal Date Meal: Pesto Pasta or Seafood Risotto

Best Meal You’ve Ever Cooked: I made a pretty delicious Rosemary, Chestnut and Parmesan Stuffing for Thanksgiving when I was studying abroad in London this past fall.

Daytime Indulgence: Maple Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
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Connie and Annie Wu Connie and Annie Wu

Connie Wu is a junior at Brown University concentrating in Human Biology, with a focus on Brain and Behavior. What she would really like to do is find out how the brain directs our behaviors toward the foods we crave. Her goal this year is to break that terrible habit of digesting food blogs and refusing to leave her dorm until she knows she will be 5 minutes late for her morning class. In her spare time, she enjoys baking for friends’ birthdays, baking for no reason at all, and bringing out the best in dining hall fare along with her twin sister, Annie.

Favorite Dining Hall Menu: Heart Attack Sunday Suppers – Gigantic sweet and tangy pork spareribs, caramel-sweet potatoes, and mousse-like cheesecake

Best Breakfast at Brown: Organic oat-bran with vanilla soymilk and microwave-roasted bananas

Beast Breakfast at Home: Avocado-stuffed toast, lemon chiffon cake, berries and lemon cream, yogurt with honey (...Should I be embarrassed to admit that this is one meal?)

Favorite Easy, Healthy Treat: Mango “ice cream” – frozen mango pureed with a teeny bit of soymilk in a food processor, served with a dollop of organic plain yogurt

Favorite Cooking Utensil: Rubber spatula. It is amazing.

Annie Wu is a junior at Brown University concentrating in Biology. She is the co-writer of RattyGourmet, a blog about food from the Ratty (Brown’s main cafeteria) that she started with her twin, Connie. Annie is still on meal plan and absolutely adores the Ratty despite its lack of avocados. When she’s not taking pictures of cafeteria food or peeling eggs for Dining Services, she is usually busy dreaming about her next meal, practicing Tae Kwon Do, or attempting to speak Japanese.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: roasted sweet potatoes (these are extra good when they are partially caramelized!)

Tastiest Travel Experience: cream puffs in Japan, or hole-in-the-wall places anywhere (such as dark, cramped noodle shops in Asia; the sketchier the place, the yummier the food)

Culinary Pet Peeves: broken oven lights and overcooked anything

Dining Hall Pet Peeve: those trays full of uneaten egg yolks

Best Dining Hall Surprise: the tiramisu dessert special! Those cakes were enormous and allegedly had actual ladyfingers and booze in them.

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Rebecca McGoldrick Rebecca McGoldrick

Rebecca McGoldrick is a junior at Brown University and is concentrating in Business Economics and Anthropology. She is a member of the Equestrian team and lives off-campus with one roommate and two very hairy dogs. She can usually be found baking banana cupcakes for every occasion possible- birthdays, team meetings, or even Tuesdays. She has also been known incorporate themes into her baking; most notably, three-dimensional horse cupcakes for team birthdays.

Best Meal You've Ever Cooked: Salmon, Kale Salad and Wild Rice

Best Party Theme: As long as its themed, it’ll be the best party

Culinary Pet Peeve: Too much Garlic

Daytime Indulgence: Ice cream (mint chip and coffee)

Best Breakfast: Egg White Scramble filled with veggies

Most Random Job: Boyscout Camp Trading Post Manager
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Sarah Buchanan Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan is a senior at New York University, studying History and creative writing officially and New York City food and culture unofficially! She lives on the Upper West Side with her fiancee and hometown sweetheart, Chris, right in between Central Park and Riverside Park (i.e. no excuse not work-out every now and again!). When she is not working on her honors thesis or re-shelving books in the NYU library, Sarah can be found interning for her go-to all things food related website, Serious Eats, or continuing her long-time quest for the best artisan pickles known to mankind. Sometimes she enjoys running or practicing yoga, but only if brunch is to follow!


Favorite item from the library vending machine: Dill Pickle Chips


Best Party Theme: White Trash Disco (think jean shorts and cowboy boots with sequins and fake afros)

Favorite Healthful Food: Sweet Potatoes or Spinach


Daytime Indulgence: Peanut Butter straight from the jar with Hershey's Chocolate Chips thrown in


Late-Night Indulgence: Cheese Fries and a Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake
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Sarah Cunningham Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham is a 22-year old fashion student at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Originally from the Jersey Shore, Sarah now has tremendous love for all things Southern thanks to her new college home in Savannah. She’s into interior design, thrifting, carbohydrates (oops), and ‘cool uncle’ music like Wilco and the Replacements. You can usually find Sarah in her tiny old lady-ish apartment drinking too much iced coffee.

Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Burning soup! It basically turned black & lit on fire.

Tastiest Travel Experience: The first time I ever tried Indian food was in a tiny restaurant off the beaten path in Cannes, France. I fell in love with it.

Most viable hangover cure: A large fountain soda, chicken-rice soup & obviously a marathon of any Bravo TV show.

Favorite Healthful Food: Spinach

Daytime indulgence: Reading design blogs with a gigantic hazelnut or blueberry iced coffee by my side.
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Sarah Leibach Sarah Leibach

Sarah Leibach is a senior at The George Washington University where she’s a political communications major and part-time D.C. explorer. She lives with four crazy girls that love to cook, eat and watch You’ve Got Mail as much as she does. She helped to start Camp Kesem GW (a camp for kids whose parents have cancer) so she spends most of her time singing camp songs and eating dirt cups.

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Diet Coke, my ambrosia equivalent

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Taco day! I may or may not be part of a Facebook group that celebrates this monthly menu choice.

Best Party Theme: The I-Don’t-Want-to-Leave-College nostalgia party, complete with Ramen noodle dishes, homemade mac & cheese, and Natty Light.

Daytime Indulgence: Archer Farms’ Monster trail mix

Tastiest Travel Experience: Marrakesh, Morocco. In 48 hours, I had lamb tajine with raisins and dates, couscous with grilled veggies, kabobs from a street vendor, traditional chicken pastilla, and a lot of fresh mint tea.
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Sarah McAnaw Sarah McAnaw

Sarah McAnaw is a junior at American University where she divides her time between studying International Relations and Biology.  Having started cooking in the safe confines of her kitchen at home, she has since learned to handle the heat in a dorm kitchen with broken appliances, over-active smoke detectors and boys who lose bets (badly).  As a hobby she’s into anything that has to do with environmental science, and is forever seeking to cook in a way that is healthy for both people and the Earth.

Favorite Healthful Food: Mangos

Late-Night Indulgence: Dark chocolate

Biggest Kitchen Disaster: Losing the bottom of my blender while making Spicy Crab Corn Chowder and watching it splatter everywhere

Tastiest Travel Experience: Paris, France. While Paris is known for its pastries, bread and cheese (all of which are amazing), the fresh produce was fantastic.  I bought a peach from an outdoor market that was the size of a softball and was literally the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Nature Valley (or something super close) granola
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Sarah Spigelman Sarah Spigelman

Sarah Spigelman is a graduate of the University of Arizona who now lives in NYC. She performs improvisational comedy, watches DVDs of Arrested Development, and blogs all of her eating and cooking adventures in NYC and beyond at Fritos and Foie Gras. She loves rare steak, summer tomatoes, and anything spicy enough to make her cry. Sarah is lucky that she can claim cooking as her talent, because she is really, REALLY not athletic.

Culinary Pet Peeve: Cooked Green Bell Peppers.

Daytime Indulgence: Manchego Delights(Manchego or Swiss cheese and fig jam on top of toast. Eat and repeat at least 39 times).

Best Party Theme: Bar Mitzvah (Mini quiches, the macarena and glow sticks are all musts).

Tastiest Travel Experience: The Mansion at Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas. I ate a meal that cost almost as much as my entire college career and got at LEAST as much joy out of it.

Best Breakfast: Tonkatsu Ramen. Hand to G-d, NOTHING is a better breakfast than those tender noodles floating in a cloudy, porky broth with slices of fatty pork in there and a poached egg swirled in.
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Sarah Trautman Sarah Trautman

Sarah Trautman is a junior at Carleton College in Minnesota. She just studied abroad in Ireland on a literature program but will return to academics, snow, and running Track and Field in the winter. From seafood prep-chef on a commune to dorm birthday cake-baker and employee of the campus chocolate-chip cookie house, she especially loves the added challenge of cooking while camping.

Favorite Healthful Food: Sweet potato fries and hummus

Tastiest Travel Experience: Caramelized brown bread ice cream in Ireland. (Also had blue cheese ice cream there, not so good.)

Most Viable Hangover Cure: Bagels (in quantity, with coffee)

Best Breakfast: Plain whole-fat yogurt, granola, and blueberries

Culinary Pet Peeve: Kitchens that remain tidy while cooking
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Sara Whipple Sara Whipple

Sara Whipple is a senior at DePaul University where she is double majoring in Public Relations and Sociology. She lives in an off-campus apartment in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. When she is not in school, she is watching the Chicago Bears, hanging out with friends, or playing with her three-legged dog Stella. She hopes to someday work in Communications with an NFL team.

Signature Cocktail: Goose Island Matilda. I prefer a beer over a martini anyday and Goose Island Matilda is my favorite pale ale (and it has twice the alcohol volume than most beer!)

Late-Night Indulgence: Cheese fries from the Weiner Circle. Coupled with the entertainment of the late night hotdog shack, these real Wisconsin cheese fries are a superior.

Best Breakfast: Eggs Benedict

Daytime Indulgence: Bacon Wrapped Dates (especially the ones from Cafe Babareeba in Lincoln Park).

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Chicken Fingers with BBQ sauce
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Shannon Kelley Shannon Kelley

Shannon Kelley is a grad student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri pursuing a Masters in Education with additional academic interests (i.e. majors) in English and Communication. She values wit above much else, enjoys being busy almost as much as being lazy, will watch anything considered a "cult classic," and loves playing hostess, especially if doing so involves snacks, friends, and  solid rounds of storytelling.

Best Party Theme: My eight roommates and I fell in love with themed house dinners last year. Favorites included Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and the Brady Bunch, though planning the murder mystery dinner was an unmissable experience as well.

Signature Cocktail(s): A “shot party” (Red Bull, Vodka, Soco, Peach Schnapps), is always a favorite to start off a night, though the VWL (Vodka Water Lime) is also “sweeping” Kirksville in popularity.

Best Breakfast/Late-Night Indulgence: Fried Egg Sandwich (think "Spanglish").

Most Viable Hangover Cure: Reminiscing about the night with friends. Somehow, everything (and everyone) is funnier in the morning!

Daytime Indulgence: Dips with five ingredients or fewer (preferably including either cream cheese or sour cream).
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Stephanie Ma Stephanie Ma

Stephanie Ma is a senior at UC Berkeley, where she studies Economics and Philosophy. She is originally from Hong Kong, where she consumes a constant and steady diet of dim sum and jasmine tea. Recently after years of eating chicken feet and soy-roasted duck, she has become a pescetarian but makes an occasional exception for barbecued pork. Stephanie recently finished a semester abroad in Denmark where she learned to make open-faced sandwiches. Aside from cooking, Stephanie enjoys eating Danish pastries and in her spare time she likes to pretend that she can speak Danish.

Culinary Pet Peeve: rice that has been cooked with too much water

Favorite Healthful Food: quinoa-based pizza

Daytime Indulgence: curry fish balls from the streets of Hong Kong

Late-Night Indulgence: freshly churned, full-fat homemade ice cream

Tastiest Travel Experience: slurping some homemade Estonian Borsch soup in Tallinn
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Suzannah Schneider Suzannah Schneider

Suzannah Schneider is a senior at Tulane University majoring in Saving The World (Environmental Studies and International Development). When she’s not hugging trees or cooing at farm animals, she’s cooking up gourmet vegan fare. She would like to live inside Vicky Cristina Barcelona and is fluent in sarcasm. She cannot live without good coffee, dark chocolate, and a restaurant named Dante’s Kitchen.

Most Worthwhile Class: Humanity’s Place in Nature

Culinary Pet Peeve: Tiny restaurant portions

Best Meal You’ve Ever Cooked: Thanksgiving 2010: Harvest-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Vegetables, Chocolate-Pumpkin Bread Pudding, and Pecan Pie Truffles (also known as Booze Balls)

Favorite Healthful Food: Green dranks

Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Swedish Fish
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Tara Powers Tara Powers

Tara Powers is a 2010 graduate of Villanova University, where she was an English major with a concentration in Irish Studies. She now works at a Manhattan publishing house and spends her evenings negotiating the negligible counter space in her Astoria apartment. During her undergrad years, she spent a semester in Salamanca, Spain, where she developed a love affair with paellachurros con chocolate, and tapas of any and all sorts. She also chronicles her postgrad culinary exploits on her sweetly titled blog, Chip Chip Hooray.


Culinary Pet Peeve: Use of the term “mouthfeel”

Favorite Healthful Food: Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Poppyseed Vinaigrette

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Tastiest Travel Experience: Paella mixto (with seafood, chicken, rabbit, and vegetables) eaten in a café with a beach view in Valencia, Spain—the birthplace of paella!

Best Breakfast: Chocolate chip pancakes (made with chocolate batter) with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and maple syrup. Did I mention I have an inhuman sweet tooth?
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Will Levitt Will Levitt

Will Levitt is a senior at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where cooking dinner with friends inspired his blog The Dorm Room Dinner.  Long before stepping foot in a dorm room, Will started a catering business with a friend which he ran from 7th grade until he graduated high school. Since then, he's been blogging, writing about food for Wesleyan's newspaper, and selling (and eating) tasty sandwiches at the Wesleyan Farmer's Market. He recently interned for Serious Eats and Food52, and currently works for the magazine Edible Nutmeg.



Favorite Item From the Library Vending Machine: Gummy Worms. They're basically a requirement if I'm studying for a test.






Greatest Kitchen Disaster: Having the contents of a blender end up on the ceiling at an event I was catering.

Tastiest Travel Experience: Studying abroad my sophomore year in Bologna, Italy. Those people know how to eat.





Best Breakfast: Going to a diner and ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin with a side of maple syrup.





Culinary Pet Peeve: A sandwich without mayo.


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Zoe McKinnell Zoe McKinnell

Zoe McKinnell is a junior at Brown University where she lives in Buxton, the international house, and studies Biology and Literary Arts.  She’s an avid runner, cupcake consumer, Grey’s Anatomy viewer and lab geek.  Her favorite things to bake are cranberry, walnut biscotti and baked zucchini with bread crumbs (consumed separately of course).  She believes almost any problem can be solved with: 1. A sense of humor 2. Tea and cookies and if all else fails, 3. Wine.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Strawberry yogurt with Cracklin’ Bran cereal and a banana

Best Party Theme: Beach Party in February

Favorite Healthful Food: Green grapes

Late-Night Indulgence: Domino’s cheesy bread

Signature Cocktail: Dark and Stormy (Ginger beer, rum and lime) or Cosmopolitans
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